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When it comes to getting certified people tend to choose the topmost brands in the game, brands which have multiple products and numerous hardware and software as well. One such successful brand is Cisco, which has become the standard for all enterprises' demands. Cisco has meant technological services and products along with innumerable hardware and software. Cisco is a platform that provides digital learning making assessability and self-paced learning their modus operandi.The audience cannot be confined to what describes categorically as there are numerous different interests and fields to which school caters and facilitates learning. The audience is spread amongst many Varied fields. In this blog, you will get to know about the best Cisco courses that can aid an individual in the growth of his/her professional career.

There are different kinds of certifications for different levels:


2)Associate level

3)Professional level

4)Expert level

5)Architect level

All these levels incorporate different learning, and expertise to a certain level.

Although the course Certification being provided by Cisco is best in the business as Cisco has set the benchmark for Most able and quality deliverance.

The top five Cisco certifications are:

1)CCNA - routing and switching

2)CCNP routing and switching

3)CCNA security

4)CCDA Cisco certified design associate

5)CCENT Cisco certified entry networking technician

The popularity enjoyed by these Cisco courses in percentage are as follows:

71% for CCNA

33% for CCNP

18% for CCNA security

15% for CCENT

13% for CCDA

Salary aspects for the top cisco courses:


  • CCDA: 

Cisco certified design associate Among the top certifications. Validates the skills to create enterprise work. The intended audience for the certification happened to be network design engineers, system engineers and sales engineers. A CCDA individual makes about 120, 139 $ on average.


  •  CCNP routing and switching:

Right after the expertise in switching is the most logical next step to take. This is one of the top cisco courses in the industry and acts as a validation for the candidate to plan, implement and verify price networks

A CCNP Certified individual tends to make 108, 646 $ On average.

  • CCNA Routing and switching:

The CCNA Routing and Switching is one of the most popular cisco courses and is meant for IT professionals who are looking to build the base in networking fundamentals and validate it as well. This is the most sought-after credential.A CCNA-certified individual tends to make up to 101, 441 $ on an average


  • CCNA security:

This certification acts as a group of candidates' associate-level knowledge and skill set that is required to secure Cisco networks.

Upon completion of the course individuals learn to install, troubleshoot and  monitor network devices in Order to maintain data and device integrity and confidentiality. A CCNA  security individual makes around 101, 400 $ on average.

  • CCENT: Cisco certified entry networking technician. This certification is valid for candidates' ability to troubleshoot and operate small enterprises. This is an individual‘s first step toward achieving all CCNA certifications.


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