A Guide On How Acupuncture Can Help You With PCOS And Other Issues

To find a good acupuncturist in today's time, all you need to do is, type in 'acupuncturist near me' into your browser, and you will have most, if not all the information about acupuncturists near you.  An acupuncturist can help with various issues, including PCOS and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Although the underlying cause remains a mystery, many believe it is linked to ovarian hormones.

Although there are many theories about why it develops, certain factors have to be factored in. Two of them are fitness level & menstrual cycles. PCOS is a pervasive disorder yet often gets overlooked because the symptoms are vague. It is almost always diagnosed because a woman, who is generally underweight, is experiencing issues with her weight.

Why should you type 'PCOS acupuncture near me' in your browser?

Well, acupuncture can help with PCOS. Evidence of this has been recently published. The issue does not have a known cause. Research has shown that acupuncture can help you if you suffer from PCOS. Although there are many treatments available for it, acupuncture being one of them, the evidence from many different studies indicates that acupuncture is an excellent way to treat this.

Is there a lot of research behind acupuncture helping PCOS?

Yes, there is a lot of research behind it because it is an effective treatment that can help with specific PCOS symptoms and several other related issues. The primary studies are on its ability to treat PCOS itself. Still, there are also studies showing how it can ease the symptoms associated with it, such as excessive hair growth, weight gain, and problems during pregnancy.

What else can an acupuncture clinic help with?

  • Treating pain caused by migraines and other types of headaches.
  • It can also be used to control nausea and vomiting.
  • When it comes to managing various kinds of pain, such as backache, headache, joint pains, etc., Acupuncture is the answer.
  • It can also help with stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.
  • Acupuncture is also used in the treatment of allergies.
  • It can also help with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
  • It can help increase your fertility so that you are more likely to get pregnant.
  • It can help with weight loss. It can also help to improve your body's ability to metabolise fat. Acupuncture has been shown to aid weight loss.
  • It has also been shown to aid you during menopause, as one of the main symptoms of menopause is hot flushes, and acupuncture can be used in a complementary form to ease these hot flushes.
  • Acupuncture is used as an alternative medicine because it has been found that conventional medicine generally doesn't help with PCOS at all.
  • It can also help with some of the issues brought on by PCOS. These include lack of libido, excessive hair growth and problems during pregnancy.

Are there any risks involved?

There are none with this particular type of acupuncture treatment. However, the real downside of this treatment is that it will take a long time for you to start seeing results from it. It may take up to 12 months before you start feeling the effects of this treatment. However, if you want it permanently, you need to stick with it for at least three months before you call it quits.

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by affecting the nerves in your body. It is based on the simple idea that an imbalance of energy through the body can affect your health and well being. This can be achieved in many ways, but most of them involve putting pressure on specific parts of your body, which are considered very important when dealing with PCOS. These points are located above, below, and in between your eyes, and on both sides of the centre of your chin.

Conclusion :

You can expect more studies to be conducted on the treatment of PCOS and acupuncture. The studies so far all suggest a positive link between the two of them. If you want to try this treatment for PCOS, you should stick with it for at least three months before giving up on it and trying another one. Acupuncture is a good choice because it doesn't require you to have a doctor's visit before or during the treatment.

Also, you don't have to know any detailed information about the treatment before you get it. Knowledge only starts when you start implementing the technique. That is why most acupuncturists highly recommend trying this for yourself. Not just for the treatment of PCOS but also to manage some of the other problems associated with it.



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