How Much Does It Cost To Make An eCommerce Website?

Various facts and statistics point toward the rise of the eCommerce industry. People are aware of multiple online shopping platforms and know the price range of a product in the market. The shrewd businessmen cannot force and compel them to buy the product at a higher cost. E-commerce websites have reduced the burden on many retail shops and businesses. It made the online shopping platform and interface easy and quick to use for all parties. Do you want to know about the cost of an eCommerce website in Australia?

It is quite a challenging and tedious task to identify the actual cost of an e-commerce website. The cost varies according to the client's preference and integration. Various combined factors determine the estimated cost of the website depending on the services.

  • Factors to evaluate the cost of an eCommerce website

There are basic variables that require payment for providing services. A website is composed of the domain, hosting, extensions, and other variable costs. The price range of the eCommerce website differs according to the type of business.

  1. E-commerce software

The eCommerce website requires the eCommerce software and its solutions range depends on the offered features. There are various software packages available online. You can prefer the best feature-rich software. The software allows you to get all the facilities in one place. There are shop pages to include the products with a price range. You can manage orders from the software without any hindrance.

The potential features like pre-built plug-ins, content management systems, and other backend features increase the cost to make an eCommerce website in Australia.

SaaS providers are much more beneficial as they offer automated services. It means you are taking software and hosting on rent from them. You can get the latest version of SaaS and forget about the maintenance.

  1. Domain name purchase

The domain name is the basic requirement for making a website. It is a unique identification address of your website's existence. You will find that the prices of the domain differ according to their uniqueness. The price range is around $2 - $20 per year. There are various extensions preferable across the globe. If you buy the domain from a private seller or through auction then it is more expensive than usual.

  1. Hosting of e-commerce websites

After domain registration, you need a web host or cloud space that shows your online presence. It is a space on search engines and can cost around 80 - 730 dollar per month. It includes the features, traffic on the store, and automated services or backup of the website.

  1. SSL certificate cost

The SSL certificate is the security of your website on search engines. It is quite difficult to hack such websites and also affects the ranking factor. You can find that the price range of the certificate is between 20 and 70 dollar per year.

  1. Payment gateway cost

The payment gateway or payment processing fee depends on the payment type. There are various modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, COD, and other UPI payment modes. You can integrate it into the website and various platforms have their transaction fee charged accordingly.

  1. Website designing cost

You will find that web designers also charge their development costs. If you want an exclusive store theme and design then it will cost around 60 to 200 dollar. You can use the freemium and premium themes available for your eCommerce website. All these factors combine to calculate the ecommerce website cost in Australia.

There are various packages available online in which the extra services and add on features are provided to the customers. Ecommerce website packages are quite attractive and provide advantageous services from one month to a year or 2 years.

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