A Guide to Updating Old Cabinet Hinges

One of the most time-taking and cost-consuming home projects a homeowner can take is updating different aspects of a kitchen. Whether a homeowner is in severe need of a kitchen makeover or is simply bored of the space's outdated appearance, there are various alternatives for updating the space. A nice thorough cleaning is the simplest repair for a dazzling newish kitchen. Let’s come to one of the most important parts of the kitchen that you always wanted to upgrade: Cabinet hinges. Whether they have corroded or just need to be updated, it is important to ensure they are fixed well and done properly. 

When it comes to updating the old creaking cabinet hinges, it is important to do it with better planning. First of all, you have to choose whether you want to replace or paint the hinges. Then do the relevant planning and research such as, ‘what kind of paint for cabinet hinges’ when painting them off, etc.

Anyway, without further ado let’s get onto it:

Replacing Hinges:

Choose the right hinge first!

When updating your cabinet hinges, you must be familiar with the kinds of cabinet hinges. Sometimes, you may buy new hinges to replace older ones but they won’t fit, and other times, you would not even get the hinges you want in a marketplace near you. So it is important to choose the right hinge for the cabinet. When selecting the hinge, you must keep the following things in mind:

  1. Door overlay style:

The type of hinges needs to match the door styles so that they are properly mounted. There are two types of door overlay styles: Inset and full overlay. In the inset overlay style of doors, they are set into the cabinet frame and flush fit when closed. On the other hand, in the full overlay style of doors, it covers the entire cabinet opening when closed. 

  1. Concealed or exposed hinges? Decide. 

You can choose the traditional exposed hinges that give most of the conventional appeal; you can choose concealed hinges that are considered a contemporary style that gives a neat finish to the exterior face of the cabinet.

  1. Surface mount or mortised:

You have to choose whether you want a hinge that sits on the surface of the cabinet with a hole, which is a surface-mounted hinge, or one that requires a hole or motorizes, which is a mortise hinge.

Process of installing inset cabinet hinges

You would need to drill a borehole to a depth of ½ inch if you are installing concealed cabinet hinges. Draw a line on the back of the door 7/8 inches from the edge and draw perpendicular lines equal distances from the top and bottom of the door. Now drill on the point where these lines meet. Set the door in place on the front of the cabinet, level it, and mark the holes for the hinge screws by tapping in the hinges and screwing them to the door using the provided screws. 

Drill holes for the screws to hold the door in place with a 1/8-inch drill bit. You can utilize no-bore concealed cabinet hinges if you don't want boreholes. The installation is nearly identical, with the exception that no boreholes are required.

Process of installing full overlay cabinet hinges

Overlay hinges, which mount to the front of the gate, accessible for both inset and overlapping doors. It's normally recommended to place these on the doors first, just like concealed hinges. The door is then held in place while you mark the screw hole locations, drill pilot holes for the screws using a 1/8-inch drill bit, and drive the screws.

When it comes to cabinet doors, people make two frequent blunders. The first is to attach the hinges before leveling the door. It's preferable to use a 4-foot level and place it beneath the door while marking the hinge holes. The second error is failing to allow a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch gap between the two pieces.

Paint the hinges

The alternative option to replacing hinges is painting them off.  You can paint them but not with the regular paint you would choose. Failing to choose the right paint or not preparing the surface can affect their durability in the long run. 

First of all, you must prepare the hinges to be painted. To do so, take them off the door and wall. If you think you can paint them while they are fixed to their positions, you will miss out few portions which you cannot reach out to directly. So, it is important to take them off if you really want them to look good. 

Then, you must clean them entirely with a cleaning solution because they may get cluttered with resilient stains. If you had painted them earlier, you will need to take off the scratches of paint completely. Clean them until no residue of paint or clutter leaves behind. 

Now, your cabinet hinges are ready to be painted with a new color. Using wall paint or utilizing acrylic paint will be ineffective on the surface because they will immediately chip off. Therefore, you must use spray paint.  Once you are done painting, fix them back in their positions. 

Voila! You have successfully upgraded your cabinet hinges.

In sum, you can either replace hinges or paint them off to upgrade them. Whether you replace hinges or paint them, it is imperative to use the right techniques and practices.

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