Best ranked cities in the world 2022

Have you seen the list of best cities in the world in 2022? Cities with more than one million people.Personally I would be interested to know what the best beach town would be in 2021. Not the best beach, but the best beach town. Cities have also their charm. What city would you like to live in? What criteria would be important to you? In this research these criteria were used. 

  • Place: weather, safety, sights & landmarks, parks & outdoor
  • Product: airport connectivity, attractions, museums, university ranking, convention centre
  • People: foreign-born residents, educational attainment
  • Prosperity: global 500 number, GDP per capita, income equality, unemployment rate
  • Programming: culture, nightlife, dining, shopping
  • Promotion: Facebook check-ins, Google search, TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram hashtags, Google trends

What would be your best and worst city? Check here for inspiration for the best cities.


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