Freediving Coaches of Asia

In my opinion, this is an Ode to Jeroen, and in my opinion the organisation of the year is: Freediving Coaches of Asia.

I am often thinking of my dutch friend Jeroen, I met him in the Philippines. I totally forgot where and when. The only thing I remember is that we met, a couple of years ago, he said he would be going to the Netherlands. I said nice, we found out we had our families living not too far from each other and he offered to see my mom and bring something to her. A total stranger. That was amazing.

Through the years, we have become friends. Jeroen is a dive-instructor and a flight-instructor. I went diving with him, he would stay over in my place. I would stay in his house, near the beach. We would talk and talk. As a coincidence we both became volunteers for Bureau Buitenland Reclassering. Due to the far distance we lived from each other, we didnt see each other much. Busy in our own ways, but we met again.

Jeroen wanted to do something to help the Filipinos, what we both have in common. He saw an opportunity, since he was in the water a lot. He discovered a lot of people, were not able to float or/and swim. He decided to develop a coaches training to help people, float, swim a little and free diving (diving with weights and a snorkel and mask, that is your only equipment).

I experienced his method, after one of our conferences for Bureau Buitenland. I did the 3 day short training to become a coach to become a freediver, with two people from Thailand. Even though, I can dive, free diving is something else. I can not hold my breath longer inside the water, than outside the water. Oh well. I saw and experienced the tools he developed, the people he helped. The coaches, who would train others. During a training in Thailand, he helped another girl swim. In three days, she was able to not be afraid of the water and swim. Amazing! And it is all non-profit and done with his great enthusiasm and passion. He is so inspiring, he never seems bored to explain the theory with patience again. 

I am sorry I am not the best coach, and not a very good student. I cherish your energy and dedication. Jeroen is often on the move, he travels. During covid-19, he was stuck and finally arrived in India and there it is Freediving India fcoa.

So kudos to you! Way to go, and what a difference you make. Happy to be your friend.

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