5 Keys to Improve Your Online Presence & Increase Business

Although the importance of online presence had been growing steadily, it was the current pandemic that showed everyone how vital it is. Businesses can no longer survive unless they are able to attract prospective customers through their website and social media. That is why companies from all over the world have been working hard to boost their online presence in an attempt to increase their revenues. 

If you’re thinking about changing something about how people can find your company online and how they feel about your business, take a look at the following tips, which focus on some aspects that may seem trivial, but are actually extremely important.

Have a modern website

Your website is the most important thing that deserves your attention. It’s not enough just to have a website where people can find the basic info about your business and offer, but it has to be designed in a way that people like visiting it and that they feel most (if not all) of their questions are answered. 

You need to make sure your website and digital marketing material are consistent with your brand, that everything is visually appealing, that your layout allows users to find information easily, and that it is SEO optimized. 

This last item often gets overlooked, even by some big Australian companies, which is why their names don’t rank as high as they should in Google search. On the other hand, those companies which have understood the importance of SEO have listened to the advice of experts, such as these efficient Sydney SEO experts, who can help your online presence become much more visible.

Use ‘Google My Business

You should also manage your online presence using Google My Business, which is a free service provided by Google. It allows you to promote your business on Google Search and Google Maps, which allows you to connect directly with your audience and see what people are saying about your business. 

Needless to say, you have to keep all the information about your business accurate. This tool is particularly useful for small, local businesses since it offers much more than just placing your business on the map.

Demonstrate your credibility

People will only buy products or services from companies they trust, which is why your online presence needs to create that feeling among visitors. Probably the best way to achieve this is to rely on testimonials and reviews, in which your customers state what it is like to be your customer. Also, you should not forget that your content should be simple enough for your target audience to understand, yet informative and attractive. You want people to perceive you as an expert in the field and someone who has the answer to their question or problem. It’s a long process, but vital to success.

Give social media more attention

Next, you have to focus on your presence on social media platforms. The number of their users has been rising constantly and there is another trend you shouldn’t neglect: people are becoming increasingly reliant on social media for searching for products and services. They look for companies that not only provide those, but also interact with users on various social media platforms. 

So, make sure the content you publish on social media is also informative, relevant and attractive and respond to any questions or queries you may be asked politely and truthfully. That is the only way to build your reputation and stand out among your competitors.

Improve conversion rate

A visitor may stumble upon your website or visit it because they are interested in your offer. However, it’s very common that they aren’t ready to buy from you just yet. In most cases, they’ll soon forget having visited your website and you won’t generate any new income. To prevent that, you should find a way to help those visitors remember your business and its offer. 

One of the most efficient ways to do that is to get their email address and send them a newsletter periodically. However, people are reluctant to give this info away without getting something in return, such as a discount coupon for a product or service of yours. Also, you need to state clearly how you’ll use the information, what the newsletter will contain, and how often it is released.

These are just some of the important tips for improving your online presence, which is the key to your success in today’s highly competitive market. Following them will ensure that your business can build a great online presence and grow in the future.

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