Creativity and effectiveness

How to become more creative and effective? According to Tim Harfort in Messy, people with a messy desk, a chaotic diary, an inefficient office and a fighting team are more creative and effective. 

How does it work? I am asking myself, while cleaning some mess from my desk. 

To do lists, organisation, hygiene, all the organisation have a downside. When you are messier, you can get more things done. 

Do I need to know more, no I don't. Will just try to let things go and get less organised. That is a typical dutch remark, I will try to organize more, so it can all be more efficient and effective. When my mind brings me back to the Philippines, I think of chaos, loud noises, flexibility and adaptation. You always have to adapt, the days would always be different than planned. It was always very hot, when the temperature would rise, your creativity and effectiveness would go down. Clutter would attract coach roaches and other insects. You could never leave anything to eat anywhere. And empty water bottles with a plastic wrap would be considered food for some rats. There was in certain areas so little, so does a messy desk, with a lot of stuff, mean that you have a lot? 

Einstein said: "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is an empty desk a sign?". I guess I like an empty mind too, empty desks, empty surroundings, without it being too clinical. For me that is a choice and it is Food for thought.... just do what works for you... with some quotes like this, it makes you mind wonder and think...



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