What is Data Analytics?

With the aid of different tools or advanced programs, data analytics is generally defined as a method of analyzing data sets to draw conclusions based on the knowledge available in them. Over the past few years, data analytics has become a critical component in industrial enterprises, allowing for more rational business choices focused on science analysis and testing.

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Data science is an interdisciplinary discipline that extracts information and observations from structured and unstructured data using computational techniques, algorithms, procedures, and systems. To extract actionable knowledge from evidence, data scientists employ strategies and concepts from mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information technology. Machine Learning, Data Mining, and big data are also linked to data science.

Data Analytics and Data Science

Data analysis entails responding to questions posed in order to improve corporate decision-making, while data science entails generating new questions to spur creativity.

Data analytics and Data Science applications assist scientists and academics in verifying or rejecting theoretical models, ideas, and hypotheses, allowing businesses to enhance organizational performance and consumer experience, achieve a competitive advantage, and maximize sales. Data analytics software works on either historical data or data that is being analyzed in real-time.

Job Profiles for Data Analytics & Data Science

Finance, Data Assurance, Higher Education, Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing, and Data Quality are some of the fields where you can serve as a data analyst.

Identifying places where the enterprise can maximize efficiency; gathering data to extract resolution; implementing software and techniques to audit the data; and creating a blueprint of the solution and sharing it with the concerned people in a concise and clear manner, mostly by tables, notes, and maps, are all part of a Data Analyst's daily grind.

Skills Required for Becoming Data Analyst

Data Science courses are available as a stream of specialization in Engineering, Computer Science, and Management at the postgraduate level. Bachelor's degree of at least 50% in aggregate or equivalent, ideally in Science or Computer Science from a recognized institution, is the minimum requirement for a Data Analytics course.

To be good at data analyst, you'll need solid technical and numerical skills, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of computer applications such as Pig, SQL, Python, Hive, Matlab, R, SPSS, SAS, and Excel.

Good interpretive and communication skills are needed to be an effective data analyst, i.e., the ability to convey the method of data analysis and its results to a variety of audiences (technical and non-technical). He or she must also be detail-oriented and capable of problem-solving.

Reason to Choose Data Analyst

Data analysts will be in high demand by 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, due to increased data collection and use. Because of the importance that can be extracted from data, organizations see data mining as one of the most important potential specialties. In today's corporate world, data is more available and usable than ever before.

Professionals who join the Data Science industry will have their pick of positions and earn lucrative wages, according to the evidence. Data and analytics positions are expected to grow 15% to 2.72 million jobs by 2020, according to an IBM survey, with the most substantial demand for data analysts in banking, insurance, and information technology. According to Glassdoor, data analysts receive an average of $67,377 in 2019.


The concept of data analytics captures the field's vast reach as the method of evaluating raw data to identify patterns and address questions. It does, however, contain a variety of approaches for a variety of objectives.

Any elements of the data analytics process will aid a number of initiatives. An effective data analytics initiative would have a straightforward view of where you are, where you have been, and where you can go by integrating these elements.

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