How to display WooCommerce categories list on any page

Out of the box, WooCommerce gives you the ability to display product categories on the shop and archive (categories & tags) pages. In many cases, you will need to show product categories in different places like the home page, sidebar, or in the top menu.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add WooCommerce categories to any place you want on your website.Open the theme customizer by going to your 

  • admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize.

  • Select WooCommerce -> Product Catalog -> Shop page display.

  • Show products

  • Show categories: displays top-level categories only, no subcategories.

  • Show products & categories

  • Display categories on the shop page

  • Display subcategories on the category pages

  • Again, open the theme customizer -> WooCommerce -> Product Catalog -> Category display.

There are three options:

Show subcategories: this will display the subcategories of the current category. 

  • Show subcategories & products

  • Display categories on any page using a shortcode

  • Display categories on any page using a shortcode

The WooCommerce categories shortcode [product_categories] is really helpful, it is a WooCommerce built-in shortcode that can be used with Gutenberg, any theme, or any page builder you have. You can add this shortcode to any page or post to display the categories.This shortcode has a lot of parameters to define which categories to display:Specifies which categories to display by their ids. Here you add the ids separated by a comma.

limit: here, you add a number to specify how many categories to display.

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