Some tips for a more eco-friendly trip

When traveling we often drop our good habits that we adhere to at home. No matter where you go, maybe a trip in your own country, or somewhere far away. For example when out and about during a city trip I end up buying way more plastic bottles of water and packaged food.

I've found some tips for traveling that might reduce some of the environmental footprint we leave when vacationing away from home.

1. Pack a reusable water bottle, maybe even one with filter. When you're traveling in a country with questionable tap water you might not want to fill your bottle at a tap. But you could at least buy a single large bottle of water and leave it at your accomodation and refill your water bottle there, or share the water over everyone in the travel party. This way you also save money, as these bottles are cheaper than their 0,5 or 1 liter counterparts. 

2. Take a thermos or reusable coffee mug. This could be great if you want to order a take-away coffee or smoothie. When I spent a few weeks in Taiwan almost every street corner had a stall that sold freshly blended fruit juice, a reusable mug would have really helped me reduce the amount of plastic I had to throw out. 

3. Bring solid toiletries. Not only do you save water and packaging, you can also prevent spillings in your luggage, as well as take these on an airplane without trouble.

4. Adjust to the season. Try to find out what is in season where you are. Eat and drink what is common locally and in season, this won't be imported or grown at a greater cost to the environment.

5. Make the environment a focus of your trip. You want to go on a trip somewhere specific? Try to find out what the location's environmentally friendly tourism options are. For example when you want to organise a team-building trip, take your team to go replant forest after a forest fire in Portugal. Or spent some time in an accomodation that serves only locally produced products. With a bit of research there's many options.

Do you have any more tips?

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Thanks for contributing this topic, nice approach. Two additional tips from me: (1) choose a bicycle tour instead of a moped, car or bus tour. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, it is also a way to better observe the environment. (2) On nature walks, bring a garbage bag to put litter in on the way back. There are even travel organizations that want to give you a discount for this

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