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Today we all know the whole mankind is facing a deadly threat of COVID-19, and this era of lock down and curfew has taught us many new ways of living and the way important is it to stay safe and stay alive? AKS FACILITIES have realized how important we are in our society and what all we cater there to.  We are an integral part of it and both folks need one another.

Today’s time has taught us as how important health and hygiene is, and what are the best possible ways to stay ourselves and our surroundings clean and hygienic in order that we sleep in a 100% healthy environment and survive to measure with our loved ones.


It not just COVID -19, but the mother earth and its occupants have faced attacks by several viruses within the previous years; fortunately, they weren't as scary because the COVID pandemic. Let me name a couple of to you wish Ebola, HIV, TB, hepatitis A and B, Small Pox, Dengue, SARS COV1, and COV2. These viruses still exist on earth, it’s not like wiping a blackboard of a faculty to eliminate a virus. it's impossible.

Sanitization Services in Delhi:

Let me assure you that the method of disinfection done at your premises by the Sanitization would definitely offer you the important show of the particular process of disinfecting.


Hygienic Sanitization Service at your doorstep

We offer professional services for sanitizing Schools, Banks, Colleges, Malls, Residential premises, Buildings, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Banks, and more.

House sanitizing services

In home sanitizing services (also called home disinfection services), overall sanitization and disinfection of the entire house are going to be done including all the furniture, and rooms. If required experts will use alcohol-based sanitizers to disinfect your house.


How is it done?

Spraying and wiping of all high-frequency touchpoints of the house like doorknobs, door handles, switches, Tabletops, and chairs just in case of offices.

Spraying and wiping the floor of the world to be sanitized.

Fumigating /Fogging of the whole house or office using EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommended Hospital grade disinfectants.


Important Instructions

*It is advisable to not let a person or pet enter the disinfected area for 1 hour.

*All food items should be kept away and stored in closed areas or refrigerators.

*All electronic equipments like Televisions, Projector, Laptops, Computers, Mobile phones, etc. must be covered by the client before the disinfection process is commenced within the area.

*We don't recommend defogging or spraying of the disinfectant on pure leather items placed within the area/room/premises.

*The client has got to secure all precious items before the commencement of the disinfecting process.

*Turn off power supplies of Air Conditioners and Fans at the time of Fumigation /Fogging.

*Clothes / Laundry should be kept away during the service at the premises.

*The area where fumigation / fogging is completed must be kept closed for a minimum half-hour, with no windows or doors to be left open.

*The disinfecting team will only fumigate or fog the toilets of the premises. they're going to not wipe the floors or the other area within the toilets.

*The area / premises to be disinfected is predicted to be broomed and cleaned before the disinfecting team arrives, else it'll be impossible for the team to try to the service.



* Eco-Friendly Chemicals

*Fast and Effective Solution

*Professional Team

*Affordable Pricing


Service Hours: 01 to 02 hours (Depend on Home Area)


No. Of Servicemen: 1 - 3 (Depend on Home Area)


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