6 Questions that You Should Ask Your Data Provider

Good data can help businesses to grow and sustain in the competitive market. It can be helpful for the sales and marketing team to generate leads and turn prospects into customers and thus close the sales. Without a doubt, accurate data can give you measurable results while a bad quality data may burn through your ad budget or jeopardize your brand name and affect your relationship with the client. Not all data is inaccurate, some are outdated while some are useful as well. Good data can be evaluated and verified.  

Now, how do you get this data? Data can be sourced through database provider companies who have up to date information and contact list for B2B lead generation. These companies help businesses provide relevant, updated data to generate more sales and attract new buyers. 

However, if you have the bad data, it could reverse the effect. You may have wasted your time and energy that could burn your revenue down. Hence, it is wise to choose the right database provider. Some data providers focus on high quantity data while some focus on having high accuracy of data. 

How to choose the right service provider? Well, we have jotted down the questions that you need to ask the database provider. All these questions will help you get the right data for your business leading to success of your firm. 

Six questions that you should ask your data data provider:

  • How is the data sourced?

This is the most important question that you must ask your database contact list provider. The data usually includes a huge list of records such as company info, email address, organization name, designation etc. from a single source. This is called noise-data. This 'noise' data is used to pad the total amount of data and is not vetted for accuracy. Such data are merely of any use because these shell companies are probably shifted to a new location or closed. 

Before investing money in this data and to improve the veracity test, you can search the data for such inconsistencies and try to reduce these noises. You can cross check the data from multiple sources as well.


  • Are all your data verified and enhanced for further use?

You need to verify the data through email or telephone before you use it for the final draft. This will help you to reach the target market instead of pushing your emails and cold calling to void users. The entire validation process raises your consistency and aids in the improvement of the file's Value measure. You can ask the contact list provider- the source of vetting the data and how many employees are included in the verification process and enhancement of data for future use. The data is sourced through business directory, seminars, webinars, conferences, events, social media and other channels. 

  • Are there any softwares involved to validate the new records?

It is vital to get your records rectified. Digitalisation can help to validate the process and remove records that are suspicious allowing the data to be error-free. A validation software can help to analyse data if the business is duplicated, closed, rebranded or has moved to a different location. 

You can ask your contact list data provider to show you recent records that were removed from the system or through manual review. All this will help you to acquire quality data and would also help you to understand if your data provider is working to provide you the right source of information required for overall success. 

Pro Tip: If you are looking to find email, then simply search on a particular person’s social media profile or enter details on Google search bar, there- you have it! 

  • How often is the data updated?

This is yet another important question that must be asked to your contact list database provider. Did You Know? Every day, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are obtained, and this number is growing every day. Hence, it is important to get the verified data. Your data must be up to date from time to time. No wonder it is a tedious and time consuming task, still vital so that you don't waste time chasing leads that gives no returns. 

You need to make sure with your contact list service provider if the data they are providing is up-to-date and how often they update the data. Company global database search protects your business by providing authentic information records for your lead generation plan. 

  • Do you rely on web scraping?

Web scraping, on the other hand, is not only appropriate but also beneficial in identifying specific businesses whose information was missing from your database. It does require additional verification and automatic update of the records. As a result, if you want to be effective, combining web scraping with information sources such as telephone companies, etc. can only help you keep track of businesses. 

Furthermore, since it draws information from multiple data sources, such a multi-source compilation process would result in a high Volume calculation. 

Bonus Tip: You can find businesses from phone numbers with the help of Google. Just enter the phone number with pin code on Google search bar and there- you have all the company information. 

  • Do you provide samples to customers to check the quality of data:

You can request the contact list provider for a sample of company contacts. This will help you to scrutinise if the data you’re about to invest in, is of high quality and accuracy. So, ask the providers if they have records of businesses that are closed, rebranded or shifted to a new location etc. this way you know that they keep verified records so that you don’t waste time and energy in a void list. 


Feel free to ask all the above questions to your database provider so that you can hold them accountable if something is amiss and get prospects with a click of a button. All these would help you to get accurate and good data for lead generation. There are various B2B database providers. No wonder, it is challenging to choose one company where you can invest your money in exchange for a database.  

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