5 Things To Consider For Buying The Waterproof Shade Sails

When it comes to outdoor setting, there are some key elements that you need to include, like the outdoor furniture units, small potted plants, ambient lighting, and so on. One such element which has become popular nowadays for outdoor decor is the shade sail. These are nothing but long fabrics, cut into various shapes, and available in multiple designs and colors.


The shade sails are mainly used for providing shades to any outdoor area, beat the open-top gazebo, the swimming pool, the open lawn, and others. Since many people have started to use these sails for their outdoors, you should also consider including one in your home.

However, choosing the perfect waterproof shade sails, you have to consider many things to get the best fabric for outdoor décor.  For this reason, we have decided to explain certain factors that are extremely important for purchasing the appropriate shade sails.

Key factors to consider for waterproof shade sails:

1. Choose the location first

Usually, the outdoor area will consist of the lawn, backyard, front yard, and even the patio if it is not covered with shade. Different areas will have different requirements, special in terms of size. Once you are sure of the place where you want to install the waterproof shade sails, you can easily move on to the next steps of getting the best fabric for your home.

2. Decide the dimensions of the shade sail

After the location is decided, your next task will be to take approximate measurements of the area so that while buying the waterproof shade sails, you didn’t have to face any problem with the size. Sometimes, buying a bigger sail will help you cover more ground which is not a bad thing. However, the same can be set for a smaller sail shape, since with a shorter size, you might not be able to cover the desired part you want to. Remember that the sails will be hung using the posts. Hence, you must consider buying the right sized shade sail, and obviously, you cannot miss the fabric's quality.

3. Look through the various color and pattern combinations of the fabric

As we have said earlier, the waterproof shade sails are available in multiple colors and designs. You will see that many people prefer to have monochrome shades that establish a serene look at the outdoors if you look closely. If you want to make the area look more vibrant, you can go for the various designs available in the shops. For example, there are striped waterproof shade sails, pattern fabric, handmade art fabric, etc. The ultimate choice will be yours, and hence you should get a design that will complement the background, i.e. your home.

4. Keep the cost in mind

While buying the waterproof shade sails, do not forget about the cost. The price of this element will depend on the size you are buying, the fabric type and quality you have chosen, and some extra features like fringes along the sides, patterned fabric, etc. You can look through different products available, get an idea about how the price is varying, and then decide your budget.

5. Get a little bit creative with the shade sails

Lastly, since the shade sails are very attractive and appealing for the eyes, you can combine different fabrics with varying designs to create a marvelous look in the outdoors. There are various color and design options; you can search for them and buy the one that best matches your creative taste.


Waterproof shade sails are very effective in enhancing your home's value, making the outdoors look more appealing and obviously providing ample shade. So, with this guide, you will be easily able to find the best waterproof shade sail for your place.

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