Why Selling Your House to Investors is Better than Realtors


1. You Do Not Have To Pay Commissions And Fees

Most of the time, sellers have to pay commissions and fees to their real estate agent and buyer. So, if you are selling your house for $ 200,000, for example, you will need to deduct about $ 12,000 from that price and pay it to your estate agents. But if you are selling to an investor without using real estate agents, you do not need to pay these commissions and fees.

2. The Purchase Won’t Fall Through Due to a Bad Inspection or Financing Issues

Did you know that up to 15% of home sales decline due to testing and funding? This means that if problems arise during the home inspection, or if the buyer is struggling to get the right amount. all sales can be closed and you will need to find another buyer and start over again. But if you are selling to an investor, there is no need to deal with financial or financial situations.

3. You Won’t Have to Deal with Showings

If you sell to a real estate agent you will probably have a lot of shows, which require you to renovate the house and leave your property for a few hours during the whole show and opening house. This can be a little annoying! When trading with an investor, there is only one show.

4. You Will Not Have To Pay For Repairs

Marketing by agent requires you to adjust. You will need to fix things before you put your house on the market AND pay for the repairs that come during your home inspection. That is money and time to go out the window, but we, too, pay for ALL the repairs and take care of ourselves.

5. No Appraisal Required

Most home sales require testing, which takes time and control over how much a home will sell in the end. For an investor, there is no need to test money, save time and perhaps save money.

6. You’ll Get an Immediate Cash Offer

An investor understands your busy schedule and instead of taking your precious time and making you wait for an offer, you will get a cash offer right away. If you work with us, we will set up an appointment where we will give you good money. It's fast and easy for you!

7. You Can Set The Sales Around Your Needs

With a traditional home sale, you can’t choose who buys your house. It can be a bad time when the right buyer finally appears. However, if you are selling to an investor such as an 8-day home sale, you can choose your direct closing date to ensure that your home sale is in line with your plan.

8. You Will Get Money Immediately

You can have money on your hands within a week of closing! If you do things normally, the closing date is usually 30 to 60 days after receiving the buyer's offer, but with this way of selling your home, you can wrap things up very quickly.

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