Reform: good or bad?

What does it mean to reform? Reform is an ambiguous term, meaning it has multiple meanings according to the context in which the word is used. In this blog post, reform is defined as the application of a set of new rules, norms, and mentality of a certain group or community of people. The question I want to discuss is, do all groups or communities need reform? I think the answer is yes, they do. For example, a group of people who are society cannot be a society if not all individuals agree to follow the same set of rules and to adopt the same mentality and norms of living. If these people were free of all restrictions which such a reform would place, then the society would fall apart and cease to exist. But it is not just in societies, it is communities, culture, religions. Especially in the current times, one cannot live without being in a reformed society or a bigger group of people. Even further, all groups including a dynamic between people are eternally reforming, in order to always work towards the best version of oneself. So yes, we need to constantly reform to adapt to how everything changes, even if everything changes according to our own actions and intentions. To reform means to improve, with the exception of some cases of course.

But once we have established that we need reforms, we must face all the questions which follow such a statement, such as, who has the authority to execute such reforms, what set of rules should be changed and why, what effect will this have on the individuals and the surrounding world if something is changed.

The world changes with the times, but only because we force it to. There is no supreme person such as god who is actually giving us the task of ever-improving. Hence, sometimes I wonder why we are still so frantic about improving every little thing we know about life. Especially since we now have so many unnecessary things to keep us busy for no reason.

I would love to hear the thoughts of others on this subject, so feel free to comment!

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