Is All Garbage The Same?

A lot of people use the term garbage without thought. Anything they do not want can be classified in that way. However, garbage is not as uniform as you may think at first. After all, not everything can go into your trashcan each week. As you start to understand the nuances associated with garbage, you can make better safety and sanitation decisions. The type of waste is inextricably linked to your options for disposal. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about different types of garbage.

Everyone Has General Household Rubbish

The trash we think about most often is what you deal with daily. This is the garbage that gets thrown into your regular trash bin. It can include a lot of things. You can throw out food scraps, empty packaging, used personal products, broken household items and more. These items can be solids or liquids, and they will be bagged up and collected with your normal curbside pickup. However, there are limitations on what can be considered household rubbish, and you may actually be throwing out items in your bin that do not belong there.

Most Cities Offer Curbside Recycling Programs

Another type of garbage you are probably familiar with is recyclable items. Recyclable items can be processed and broken down into their base parts. This allows them to be reused. When you recycle items, they do not end up in the landfill. Clearly, recycling is an essential part of modern waste management. This is why many cities now offer standard curbside pickup for recyclable items. However, you have to look carefully at what can be recycled. In most cases, plastic, cardboard, paper and tin can all be put in your recycling bin. In fact, most cities do not want you to put these items in your trash pickup. You will need to check with local regulations to see what qualifies as recyclable in your area.

Hazardous Waste Must Be Handled Specially

You probably use more hazardous materials than you realize. Just think about your paint cans or aerosol sprays. These items are flammable or toxic. Therefore, they are not safe to throw into your regular trash bin. Anything potentially toxic or corrosive should be discarded specially. If the item is at all reactive, you will need to arrange alternative garbage removal. This includes some drugs, chemicals, medical waste and more.

Be Careful with Electronic Waste

One area of growing concern for garbage removal is electronic waste. Think about how many computers, television sets, phones and other devices you use. Their lifespans are limited, and you will have to get rid of them every couple of years. While it can be tempting to throw these items out in your trashcan, that is not usually legal. Electronic waste can have toxic elements like mercury and lead. Therefore, you should not let them go to the landfill. Instead, these items must be processed to separate the parts. The good news is that this process can allow certain elements to be reused to reduce waste overall.

Treat Green Waste in a Different Manner

As our understanding of garbage advances, we should also look at green waste. Green waste is often thought of as yard waste. Your grass clippings, raked leaves and more can be disposed of uniquely. Instead of going to a landfill, these items can be composted. If you do not have your own compost pile, more cities are including yard waste pickup options. In addition to your yard waste, you may throw out food scraps as green waste. Not all food is eligible for this type of garbage removal. Some cities limit food scraps to minimize smells and pests.

Some Garbage May Actually Be Repurposed

Finally, some garbage does not belong in any of these areas. Just because you are ready to get rid of something does not mean that it is entirely without life. If you have something that is functional or can be fixed, then you should consider other removal options. Look into junk removal programs in your area to learn more.


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