How to Safely Move with Fragile or Delicate Items?

Are you moving to a new city with all your household items, but worried for the safety of the fragile and delicate ones? There’s nothing to worry at all. There are tricks that packers and movers use to pack your belongings and they safely deliver it at your doorstep. We will tell the same tips and tricks you can use to pack delicate items. No matter whether you are hiring packers and movers or not, if you will follow the following tips then you can easily pack and move your fragile goods with no damages.

Use right packing supplies

Only the right packing supplies can help you keep your goods safe and damage-free during the move. You should always prefer high-quality packaging materials to pack your belongings, especially the fragile and delicate ones. Ultimately this is what will prevent the goods from breaking. If you are moving with reliable packers and movers then also ask them to use good packaging materials.

Wrap up the goods

One of the most important part of packing your fragile items like crockery, antiques, idols, etc. is wrapping them with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap helps in keeping the goods safe and in good condition like it was earlier even if you are moving to a long distance place. And if you think that you cannot afford bubble wrap expenses then don’t worry as you still have a lot of options to use. You can use moving blankets, towels, etc.

Put the goods into the carton

After wrapping the goods put them into the carton boxes. But, make sure not to overload the boxes or stack other fragile items in the same box. But, before putting the goods, seal the boxes carefully from the bottom or else the goods will spill out from the bottom. So, close it tightly using packing tapes.

Sealing boxes

Do not forget to seal the boxes carefully with packing tapes once you complete packing. This ensures the box will not open at any case during the transportation.


As you are packing fragile items, so it is very important to label it as ‘Fragile’ or ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’. This will immediately indicate the person, who is handling it to handle it with care. Do not write anything on the top of the box, but on the each sides of the boxes.

These will help you to relocate your fragile and delicate items safely to the new location. And you can enjoy safe, stress-free and damage-free relocation experience.

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How to Safely Move with Fragile or Delicate Items
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How to Safely Move with Fragile or Delicate Items
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