Dieting? Get A Big Helping Of Advice From Your Doctor

Lots and lots of people are dieting these days.

Many others have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions to eat better, or to lose weight through dieting.

Still others are switching dieting approaches, having declared that their New Year’s diet “didn’t work,” but still wanting to reach for the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year.

Your family doctor wants you to live a long and healthy life… and definitely wants to see you and your family eating right and maintaining healthy body weights.

After all, great nutrition can work wonders.  A good diet can delay or reduce certain ailments that tend to strike us as we get older… some maladies can even be reversed through superior attention to nutrition.

And your doctor would rather give you great advice on your diet than a pill to stave off the effects of years of poor nutrition.

An “ounce of prevention” always beats a “pound of cure,” and your family doctor would love to see you prevent diseases and health problems caused by poor eating habits!

What’s The Best Diet?

There are so many “diet plans” being talked about these days, it can be hard to choose one that you think will be right for you.

Consult your doctor, and you’ll likely be advised to find the diet that’s right for your specific health situation (and the doc will have ideas on where to start looking).

The best diet for you will be one you can stick to… and one to which your body responds positively.

Do you have food allergies?  Step one is often to find out what allergic reactions you have, and to eliminate foods that cause those reactions.

After that, which diet will get the best response from your body?  “Keto,” “Paleo,” “Mediterranean,” “Low Carb,” “Low Fat,” “Low Calorie”… all of these diet types get a lot of press these days, and chances are good you know somebody who sings the praises of one of these diets because it worked for them.

There’s also a lot of buzz about “intermittent fasting,” which takes the approach of focusing less on what you eat and more on when you eat… and when you don’t eat.

Any of these things, or a combination of approaches, might work for you if you give yourself over to it in a disciplined way.

There Are Some Things Most Experts Agree On

The benefits of good nutrition (increased energy, longevity, and vitality) are well documented.  And smart people in the field of nutrition often debate the details of what makes a great diet.

But the experts tend to agree that lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are generally good for just about everybody… and that sugar and “processed” foods are generally bad.

If all you did was to get plenty of the good stuff, and completely eliminate the bad stuff, you’d probably see pretty good results in fairly short order.

But your family doctor knows you and your body best… and when it comes to finding just the right nutritional approach for you, you can’t get a better start than to get the advice of your doctor.

A proper diet can be one of the most powerful assets to your overall health.  If you’ve been feeling sluggish or tired, or if you’ve had any of a number of nagging ailments, consider changing the way you fuel your body.  And your family doctor can be a great source of information about how good nutrition can help you live a longer, more energetic life.

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