Factors One Should Look Into While Buying A Flashlight

Before one gets into the technical precise details of the tactical flashlight for one to carry. For instance, let’s take an example- Two friends are on their way after watching a show is a part of an unfamiliar town. While walking back you see a stranger following you. You and your friend are scared and in this critical moment, one can simply reach to their pocket and turn a flashlight into ‘strobe’ and shine it directly into the face to identify someone (if they are familiar, which is typically not the regular case), disorienting them enough to allow you and your friend to escape the situation unharmed. We understand that such situations are rare in occurrence but if you have a flashlight with 1000 lumen it can help one out in such situations and can also boost confidence with an assured tool one can use. One cannot use a firearm tool as it is against state law and doesn’t allow for a concealed flashlight to be carried.

This article will discuss different elements that one should look out for a flashlight and why choosing a tactical flashlight is the best thing. With this, it will also help one in nearly every problem crisis that one can find themselves in.

Understanding the basic: Tactical Flashlight?

It is the most advised flashlight, a tactical flashlight is much different than the flashlight one grew up with and even the ones that one uses at their home. They are brighter than the traditional flashlights and as an advanced LED technology. Despite this, not just using the hardened plastic or rubber for the construction of flashlight, tactically the flashlight is designed to keep up with the aerospace-grade aluminum. It gives them superior durability and is lightweight. The high-grade flashlight is waterproof and enables one to operate under any weather condition and it is carry-friendly. Some come with an integrated belt so that it can be placed on the belt that enables one to operate it easily at the time of need. 

Understanding the REAL lumen values before purchasing the flashlight

This is one thing one should do after reading a brand's claim in terms with the lumen output that one should expect from the flashlight:

One should simply check the type of LED they are using:

  • XML Q5 LED- It reached around 159 lumens
  • XML T6 (it is the common type)- It reached around 350 lumens
  • XML u2- It reaches around 400-600 lumens
  • XML L2 U2 (it is the most advanced Cree LED)- (It reaches between the 500-700 lumens).

In the case of a manufacturing fault, the output of the lumen is then considerably reduced. The high-end flashlight enables the user to use the maximum outfit with the LED, one can see the flashlight with the same LED. Like the T6 LED, it has a different lumen output.

Things you should be looking for in your next tactical LED flashlight

  • Spread of light

One needs a flashlight that has a good, strong spread of light so that the radius occupies the larger area, giving you a wide spectrum of vision. The lens has an internal reflector and is an important part of the flashlight.

  • Powerful zoom

The feature of ‘zoom’ is an important part of the flashlight, it enables one to light up large areas in the wide-angle of the positioning that is out to a distance even for 200 meters away, using the flashlight’s throw into long distance.

  • Waterproof

One should look for flashlights that function under all types of weather, especially in a heavy downpour of rains. While most the flashlights can’t function when fully submerged in waters but they should be working during heavy rains effectively.

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