How To Fix The Wordpress White Screen Of Death

The WordPress White Screen of Death is the most commonly occurring error on the Wordpress website. Once the error occurs, you are locked out of WordPress, and it gets frustrating because there is no error when you can’t help but wait and stare for it to fix itself. Sometimes the White Screen of Death only affects half of your website, which is quite annoying to the users. E.g. the white screen of death is on your admin panel while everything else is working smoothly or sometimes when it affects and appears on a specific post and everything else is working without any issues. Sometimes the error fixes itself, and sometimes you need to hire Wordpress developer who can fix these issues and fix your website. This article will help you to fix the White Screen of Death step by step:

Before you start fixing the error make sure you have got the backup of your Wordpress website, in some cases, you can lose your data while fixing the error, so it is better to stay safe while backing up your website.

The first question is that “Why do we see the White Screen of Death” when you are using your WordPress website most of the time the memory on your script exhausts which results in a plain white screen on your website. It gets timed out sometimes, or your hosting server may have killed the script. A poorly coded theme of your website can also make this error or poor plugin development, and a WordPress developer can fix this by using a wordpress custom plugin development.

The White screen of death can be caused by multiple things that’s why it needs a proper expert and methodical troubleshooting to fix it.  

Sometimes when you have poor hosting service, the problems tend to occur, that’s why if you have other websites with the same hosting services then you need to check them out and see if there are some errors. If the error is occurring on your other sites too then, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your hosting service and you need to contact them as soon as possible. This can generally be a temporary issue which has affected all their clients, but you need to contact them for help in this case. For this problem, you don’t need to hire a WordPress developer because the developers working at your hosting service will fix this problem, and your website will be running smoothly. If the issue is just with one site then you know there is some coding or plugin problem with your website. Sometimes the WordPress white screen of death is caused by Wordpress plug-in or theme, if this is the case, then WordPress may be able to catch it.

The new Wordpress 5.2 has fatal error protection which shows you that the site is having technical difficulties instead of showing a white screen. On your admin email address, you will receive a mail that says “Your Site has a Technical Issue”. Open the mail, and it will show you the plugin causing problems, and you will get a link which will redirect you to deactivate the bad plugin and the WordPress recovery mode. If there are no mails or messages like “your site is having a technical issue”, then you have to fix it manually.

You may need to increase the memory limit; sometimes, the script exhausts the memory. Increase the PHP memory available in WordPress this allows more memory to the script.

If increasing the memory doesn’t help, you may need to disable all plugins. If you are using a wordpress custom plugin development and increasing your memory did not help then you may need to start troubleshooting. Most of the time, the main problem is because of the plugin or theme, so go ahead and delete all plugins. From you, Wordpress admin panel goes to Plugins then enter the installed plugins page. After that, select all your installed plugins and then click on deactivate all.

If troubleshooting didn’t fix the issues, then you may need to switch to the default theme on WordPress by replacing your current theme. Before that, make sure to save your existing WordPress theme and have a backup. Now delete your current theme from your website, after this download a fresh copy of your them from the source and install it.  

Sometimes your Wordpress website has plenty of cache in it. The problem can happen because of a caching plugin. In this case, empty your cache to release all the loads. The white screen of death can also occur because of longer articles or posts. Use this trick to fix it and paste this code in your wp-config.php file.

The Code:  

1    /** Trick for long posts */ 

2    ini_set('pcre.recursion_limit',20000000); 

3    ini_set('pcre.backtrack_limit',10000000); 

Using this trick will increase PHP’s text processing capability by increasing the recursion and backtrack limits.



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