Methods Of Final Disposition After A Funeral

Many of us do not have the knowledge of what is involved in organizing a funeral service; some of us do not even know where to start from. It is possible to find such information by searching for funeral services in Sydney. It is possible to save time and money by taking help from funeral homes in Sydney. This may not be the best time to shop around for a funeral service (due to emotional reasons) however, not every funeral director or funeral home offers the same service. It is a good idea to request a list of services provided as well.

What Happens at a Funeral?

The purpose of a funeral is to allow close friends, family, and other community members to have a chance to pay their respects. It is a means to remember the deceased and help with the healing process as well. Beliefs of an individual will influence the type of service. A service can be held at a place of worship or at a funeral home.

Some people also opt for a religious ritual at the end of a funeral service. A funeral service can also include a memorial and a tribute. A funeral may also include a personalized tribute in the form of music, a reading, or even a presentation or display of old photos of the deceased. It is possible to share old memories of the deceased in this way and help in the healing process.

It also includes choosing a type of cremation which is traditionally a burial however there are other options.

Methods of Disposition

Different cultures have different methods to process the final disposition of a body. While some place the dead in a tomb of some sort others bury them in a graveyard. Some prefer a tomb that is placed over-ground. The wealthy tend to place a tomb in a special building (also known as a mausoleum). The other options include a crypt; however, this is usually reserved socially prominent people.

Here are a few popular methods of final disposition:

  • Burial: This method usually involves placing a body in a casket (at times it is even done without one) and burying the casket. It can also include embalming the body if necessary. Earth Burial involves placing the body underground and hence requires a cemetery plot.
  • Above Ground Burial (Entombment): Entombment is also a type of burial, the difference being it takes place over-ground. The body is entombed and is usually placed in a mausoleum. A mausoleum is specially designed for this purpose however; this type of disposition is more popular with richer people.
  • Cremation: This includes reducing the body to bone fragments by means of extreme heat. This process takes place in a special furnace (cremation chamber) and can take up to 3 hours. The remains are processed into a fine substance and temporarily placed in a container. Prior to returning them to the family, ashes are transferred to an urn. This is can be then disposed of in many different ways as per community beliefs.

Important Factors to Consider

There are several factors to look for when selecting a funeral service in Sydney. Here are a few important factors:

  • Offers services of a funeral director.
  • Help with necessary arrangements.
  • Provide advice for registration of death.
  • Help with care of the deceased till the time of cremation.
  • Funeral homes in Sydney also help with the choice of coffin and provide a hearse to convey the deceased.

Limousine facility may also be an optional service.


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