3 main goals to make your everyday life more sustainable

What better place to start making the world more sustainable than by changing your own small habits? 
To put your dreams into action there are a couple of things you could do to contribute to a more sustainable world:

1. Reduce your plastic waste
A report called Plastic & Health: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet of the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) and partners pointed out that plastic might not just be harmful for the environment, but also for ourselves. The research looked at the possible risks that toxins in plastic entail in every state of the life cycle of plastic. Therefore, cutting down your use of plastic may be beneficial for you and the environment. This can be done by:
-  buying food without package (Dutch: www.bag-again.nl/een-keuken-zonder-afval-blog-nr-3-over-zero-waste-leven/)
- buying plastic free soap (Dutch: www.werfzeep.nl/nl/) and shampoo (Dutch: www.hetzerowasteproject.nl/2019/04/getest-plasticvrije-shampoobars-met.html English: uk.lush.com/article/naked-truth-packaging-free-cosmetics)
- buying plastic free toothbrushes (Dutch: www.bag-again.nl/bamboe-tandenborstel-ins-outs/) and toothpaste
- buying a menstrual cup (Dutch: www.bag-again.nl/de-menstruatiecup-a-bloody-mess/ English: www.organicup.com/the-new-period/).

2. Eat more vegetarian/vegan food
Lifestock farming has a large negative impact on the quality of lives of the animals involved, the people that eat meat and the environment in general. The impact on the environment partly consists of the released gases that stimulate the greenhouse effect and the climate change. Therefore, it might contribute to a more sustainable world to reduce eating meat. This may be easier said than done, so to help you out you can check for instance this Dutch website: www.feelgoodbyfood.nl/ or this English one: www.veganfoodandliving.com/how-to-eat-your-way-to-a-sustainable-lifestyle/.

3. Buy less clothes/more second-hand clothes
The fast fashion trend has lead to the current situation where people buy 60% more clothing than 15 years ago — yet keep each item only half as long. Also, almost 60% of all produced clothes already within one year of being fabricated winds up being burned or in landfills. What can you do to stop this trend?
- Buy no new clothes for 40 days
- Check the rankings on clothes when buying, for example with the app from goodonyou.eco/
- Buy only organic clothes
- Buy second-hand clothes online at www.thredup.com/
- Check your fashion footprint at www.fashionfootprint.org/.

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Reducing plastic waste

Nice, i've used Lush products before, they're brilliant. I've also just written about why its imortant to reduce plastic waste here  :)

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