Voting - The nominal group technique

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The nominal group technique

When an important decision has to be made by a group, voting seems to be an effective solution. It is good to keep in mind, however, that in most cases only the voice of the majority will be heard and suggestions by the minorities are ignored. In order to make sure every member of the group is able to participate and contribute, the nominal group technique can be used.

How to use this technique?

Step 1: State the subject of the voting so it is clear to everyone

Step 2: Everyone writes down as many possible solutions as they can think of and in the end choose one (for the time being)

Step 3: Each member tells their choice for solution.

Step 4: There can be several turns where people tell their solutions. If someone can't think of any, they can "pass". Duplicate solutions will be eliminated.

Step 5: Members rank all solutions.

Step 6: The ranking number each solution gets is totaled. The highest numbered solution wins.






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