What Is A Solar Panel Made Of?

Renewable energy is something which will be really helpful to us when fossil fuel and coal will be extinct. Renewable energy is that can be filled up again when finished like sunlight, rain, waves and geothermal heat. Oxygen, fresh water, biomass, and solar energy are a renewable resource.

The most common renewable energy source is sun which is used directly and indirectly. Solar energy is an energy which we get from the light of the sun. Solar cells are present in the solar panels which converts light from the sun into electricity. This is an environment-friendly alternative of electricity where primary energy source like fossil fuel, natural gas and coal is used to generate electricity which is the secondary source of energy.

EVA sheet is an important raw material used in the solar panel. The full form of EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate. There are very few EVA sheet manufacturers in India because of the slow pace of solar energy as the future trend. There are different materials used in solar panel and their uses are different like the back sheet is used to protect the solar panel while the EVA sheet for encapsulation of solar cells. Solar energy is a friendly option for your budget and also gives tax benefits.

Types of Renewable Energy Source

Several countries are adopting renewable energy in order to balance the crucial point when fossil fuel will start diminishing. It is a non-renewable source which will become ridiculously expensive when the supply will be less while renewable energy sources will replenish and never run out. There are different types of renewable energy source and most of them are depended on the sun. The renewable energy source which gets its energy directly is solar energy.  This energy source is dependent on the core of the sun.

Solar panels are created which has solar cells which generate electricity. This is a direct conversion of sunlight into electricity which can be used for commercial and industrial purposes. Another renewable energy source is wind power, which is taken from the sun’s heat and captured with wind turbines. This is used to pump water and also to generate electricity but requires a large amount of energy than solar energy to perform these tasks. The sun’s heat causes water to evaporate which comes down in the form of rain, snow or flows into rivers and streams which can be used in hydroelectric power energy.  But this is an expensive renewable energy source which is used only in developed countries. Other types are biomass, which is the organic matter that makes up the plants, and then there is hydrogen and fuel cells and geothermal energy.

What is EVA sheet?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a polymer derived from more than one species of monomer i.e. ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is also popularly known as foam rubber or expanded rubber. EVA is eco-friendly and it also helps the production costs of the enterprises. There are 3 types of EVA which are based on a low proportion of vinyl acetate which are VLEVA, LEVA, MEVA and HEVA. Ethylene and vinyl acetate are the basic raw materials from which EVA is made. The EVA is manufactured in different grades using different polymerization process taking into account of temperature, inhibitors, pressure, and concentration. A good quality EVA sheet in your solar panel can be booked from vishakharenewables.com.

Where is EVA used?

EVA has different uses according to its different types. Basic uses are that it is used in solar panels; it is also used in packaging and footwear. HEVA is expected to grow at a remarkable rate in the future as they are being preferred in the solar energy sector.



Types of solar panels

I really like how you explain the types of renewable energy sources and how they work. It's also important to know the type of solar panels to use.

- Monocrystalline Solar Panels are expensive and only viable for commercial use.

- Polycrystalline Solar Panels are less expensive but sensetive to high temperatures

 there are a couple of more like,TFSC, ASI and HCVP. Important to look into what type of panel you're buying if you plan to buy one.


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