The Art of Making Art (Last Day on Sining Kamalig

It has been months since I started my internship here in Sining Kamalig. I have encountered lots of Artist with different art inspiration for their works. Some are bold, minimalist, edgy, grunge, traditional and many more. 

But, despite having one genre in each exhibition, each artwork has its own purpose and meaning. Each one was made delicately and passionately by each artist and is considered as masterpiece. But, there’s no doubt that every artist wants to make work that people care about—that hits them in that gut-punching, turn-their-world-upside-down way.

There isn’t a quick-fix or life hack to making people care about what you are making. Here's the truth: it’s all in your mindset, and that can be a much more obtuse, intangible thing to pin down.If you really want to make people stop and pay attention to what you are doing, go into the studio with the following  “inner rules” in mind.

Think of one specific person that you are creating this work for. What are they struggling with right now? What keeps them up at night? What do they find side-splittingly, absurdly funny? What have they gone through recently that they might need some comforting about? 

Ask yourself these questions and then pick one to address in your work. 

The beautiful thing about being human is that we all share certain commonalities. It might not resonate deeply with everyone, but if someone feels it strongly, chances are, there is a whole group out there who is also going to feel it strongly.

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