First time Travelling to the Philippines: Tips!

Travel during low seasons

Some tourist avoids visiting the Philippines between June and September. And this result in drop the prices of accommodation and flight tickets. You can take advantage of this situation to fulfil your dream of traveling to the Philippines without spending a lot of money.

Interact with the locals

The Filipinos are generally friendly and hospitable people. They tend to welcome tourists with open hands and a smile in their face.  90% of the citizen of the Philippines understands English. That is why communicating with the local wouldn’t be a problem. Don’t be shy to ask the locals questions about the places or when it comes to buying local foods.

Eat at the street and market

For those who are on a budget don’t worry because you can buy a lot of delicious food in a reasonable price.

Expect the unusual weather

Philippines have a tropical maritime climate. The weather is generally hot and humid so when you want to roam around at the Philippines don’t forget to put a sun block to protect your skin from the sun and also always bring bottled water with you because you will surely need it.

Enjoy your visit!

Lastly, have fun. Don’t worry too much and just enjoy your stay. Filipinos is really nice people and very welcoming in nature so you will surely enjoy your stay. Just don’t be shy asking the locales and be friends with them. They won’t bite. I promise.

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