Christmas Party for the Childrens in Baseco Manila

A large number of children was treated to a Christmas party held by the World Experience Philippines (Smokey Tours)  yesterday at the Baseco Manila location. The party began at 1pm and was scheduled to end by 4pm with parents bringing their children in the venue it is a House owned by "kuya ramil"  his house called "World experience center" where the donated books are placed on his house and the childrens in baseco goes there to borrow some books just like a normal Library. I am with the two Japanese volunteers Hayuno and Natsuko , We decorated the whole library ( Kuya ramil's house) with Origami then at 1pm we started the program with "Origami Course"  Natsuko led the course teaching them how to create origami is really fun, after origami we proceed to "Coloring" we gave each kids a coloring materials and have them working on it then of course it wouldn't be fun without a games right? We do a Stop dance game and A Quiz which was all the questions are still related to Christmas. :) after the games we gave them a chocolates ,fruits, books and toys we also give the donations, i really do love kids that's why i love interacting with childrens and to see the beautiful smiles on their face are so priceless it makes me happy to see them smiling . before the end of the program i was really shookt! because they sang a birthday song for me , yes! a day before the party was my birthday , and i am shookt i have no idea how they know about my special day so i'm thankful as well for their surprise it's a big deal for me 'cos i do appreciate those things even those hugs from them makes my heart melted! the children in baseco are very friendly ,warm and playful. we end the the program by singing a Christmas song and have our Group Picture. This Christmas party with the beautiful and kind childrens in baseco will be a humbling experience for me . 


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