Smokey Tours Policy
           Hey guys! It’s me again Therese and today I’ll talk about the Policy of the Smokey Tours. I thought a lot about the important things that i think you should know. So i hope you would enjoy it and it helps you to have more idea about our organization.


Principle 1 “Implement Dignity”

          Whenever you go to a slum tour you should endorse or implement dignity. Don’t stop implementing it just because it’s not the environment that you are used to. Avoid posting or taking photos that would do harm to the residents living in the slum. You have the power to either make a change or ruined someone’s life. So please, Use it right. Remember that they are people, not an animal in a zoo.


Principle 2 “Respecting each other’s privacy”

          Respect each other’s privacy. You can’t take photos that will degrade the life of the people in the slum. Also, keep in your mind that when you are taking photos you should ask for permission first. Especially with the children in the slum, you need to ask the consent of their guardians.  If you want them to respect you, you should respect them first. It should always be give and take.


Principle 3 “Think of the Reasons”

          Why do you want to go to a slum? Is it for personal reason or you are one of the people who wants to make a difference? Thinking of the reasons why you want to visit a slum will be a good idea because it may help you to know what you want to share and with what reason you want to share it. But always keep in mind that even though you are doing it for a good purpose, such as social awareness it is still not acceptable reason for you to degrade other people’s life.

Principle 4 “Use your voice: Stop Stereotyping"

          Use your voice to stop Stereotyping. You can tell a story to your friends and family about the life of the people in the slum confirming the things that they are just hearing to other people about the hardships and poverty that the residents in the slum are experiencing or you could tell them the things that most of the people don’t know and are wrong about the perceptions they have. Make a difference. Be an eye opening to those who is not aware about what is really happening on the other side of manila. Because if you don’t, who would?

Principle 5 “Influence Others”

          After experiencing going to the slum, you should also persuade other tourists to also try going to the slum. It can be a great insight in their life and they also can help the people who really need the help.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

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