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What  is GreenEcoNet

GreenEcoNet is a European-wide network supporting SMEs to make the transition to greener economies supported by the European Commission. GreenEcoNet brings together six organisations including the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), EcoLogic InstituteJoint Implementation Network(JIN), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and the University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC). 

GreenEcoNet Members

GreenEcoNet is the first global platform to support SMEs in the transition to a Green Economy, by providing:

  • Access to the best in class green solutions, products and services;
  • Access to the economic, financial and planning tools to transform their business into a green business;
  • Access to new market opportunities by showcasing solutions, products and services;
  • A space to have dialogue with policy makers and the research community involved in the green economy. 

In particular, this website provides a user-friendly navigation system to search for green solutions, products and services, through specific themes and locations. This online platform offers the option to ask for tailored solutions to support questions, as well as suggestions notably in reaction to the news on financial opportunities and relevant policies and regulations that will be regularly posted on the site. 

What is the benefit of joining the network?

  • Profile your green solutions and products in new markets
  • Access the first Europe-wide database of green solutions for SMEs
  • Network with other SMEs, policy makers and researchers
  • Access practical tools, advice and guidance
  • Receive updates on SME green loans, publications and tools

You can sign up for a account here

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