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A Little bit background of myself

My name is Mary Deanne Ivy A. Gonzalez “Deanne” for short , I am 19 yrs old turning 20 on this 12th of December  I am a 4th year graduating student who took bachelor of science in tourism at Asian college Qc Campus, I am also the reigning Ms. Asian college and at the age of 15 I started modelling because to be a supermodel  is one of my biggest dream , so luckily from model I’ve turned into a Runway Coach now who teaches aspiring models who dreams big and has the potential in the industry. 

I started and choose Smokey Tour because I see that this organization is really good , they care for the whole tourism like trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. I believe as well that this organization will give me more insights about the cycle of tourism industry where I am in-line, as well it will be a perfect learning tool it will give me a taste of the real world a glimpse of what lies ahead after I graduate.

My Opinion in Slum Tourism

Slum Tour is really far from the tour that I’ve experienced like going to tourist spots, visiting museums, experience the culture in a tourist destination like tasting their food, knowing their history and so on, slum tour will gives you urban exploration that in results will gives you more insights about the contrasts of the wealthy urbanities living next to poverty in a certain country. You’ll also have the curiosity of it is not about ‘how do they live’ but more about their life stories and oftentimes the discrimination they face from local governments and from those with permanent housing. This interest in social issues and concern for the general human condition was one of the main motivations for slum visits. People should pay more attention to Slum Tours.

How do local people feel about tourists visiting their neighbourhoods?

In my perception the locals feels cope up when tourists visiting their place they see that some people are interested in the lifestyle that they have and they care for them, they also feel thankful because of the social benefits that the community is receiving like improved quality life and as well as the economic benefits like income and employment, it has positive impact on them but somehow, others are feel embarrassed because foreigners see the poverty and the difficulty of their life.

GOOD travellers should be aware of when looking for a tour company to visit a slum?

Having a Good company that operates Slum Tours is really a must, we should look for a company that promotes dignity, knows how to respect and supports the rights of the local people.


What are some important dos and don'ts that they should be aware of

these are the following gently reminders of Do's and Dont's when taking Slum Tours: 


  1. Respect the people and their unique traditions
  2. Approach the tour leader if there’s a concern and questions (like about the place or the residents that are living there)
  3. Wear proper clothing that is comfortable


  1. Don’t take any photos that may make people feel uncomfortable in the places where it is allowed to make photos (referring to Don’t number 4).
  2. Don’t disturb people’s privacy
  3. Giving money to the street children, even the adults are not advisable
  4. Strictly no taking photos inside the Cemetery
  5. Don’t go somewhere far from your tour leader


"Without the sense of caring, there can be no sense of community, so caring about others running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people brings Happiness" :)

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