My First Cemetery Tour Experience

December 03, 2018 was my first ever cemetery tour experience , we did the tour in The Manila North Cemetery the oldest cemeteries in Metro manila philipiines , at first i was a bit of scared because it would be my first time to commute far away distance from our place and without my family around. 

How we travel going to meeting up point

First, we need to be on our meeting up point to meet our tour leader together with the 4 foreign tourists so from the office in alimall (Sining Kamalig) We take the Lrt going to recto station when we reach Recto, outside of that station we take jeepney ride going to Tayuman st. after that the Mcdonald's which is our meeting point are just a walking distance where the jeepney driver drop us , we just cross the pedestrian and we reach our meeting up point.


Going to Dangwa Flower Market

We walk from Tayuman (our meeting up point) going to Espana manila to wait for jeepneys that will take us to dangwa market , when walking the streets we come across shops that are for catholics that sells religous needs and anything that are related to Jesus christ like bibles, rosaries, saints statues and etc.. Marjorie our tour leader explained and gives a bit of background to the four (4) foreigns about catholic religion here in the philippines. so from espana manila we take jeepney ride going dangwa which are located in sampaloc manila that only takes less than 10 minutes and Finally! we reach the Dangwa!


In Dangwa Market

dangwa also known as "bulaklakan ng maynila" (Flower market of manila) The market is composed of several small individually-owned stalls and street vendors selling flowers wholesale and retail 50 to 90 percent cheaper than metro manila's flower shops. when we reach this place it reminds me of flower farm in amsterdam , ohh gaadd!!!! i guess all kinds of flowers are in dangwa and i was shookt of their cheap prices, SunFlower ( My favorite flower) is just cost 50 pesos, imagine how it's triple less than the price of flowers in malls and other market , The flower market's peak seasons are around graduation days, valentines day, holy week, graduation  and Mother's day and as well December. Sometimes customers flock the market till 11 pm on Valentine's Day. so to the loved birds out their ,not just for love birds but to all people you know already where should buy flower presents for your loved ones! ^_^


In Manila North Cemetery

it just take 10 mins or more from dangwa market going to manila north cemetery (still depends on traffic) when we reach the cemetery i noticed the the "apartment" for the dead bodies and ashes that has cost different prices depends on what floor and how big it is. few steps from the entrance of the cemetery is where the Boy Scouts cenotaph, which houses the remains of the 24 scouts who died in a plane crash on their way to the 11th World Scout Jamboree in Greec was buried as well our former philippine presidents which are Ramon magsaysay, Sergio osmenia and Manuel roxas , i have also navigate different creative museleo & few of the designs are impressive . ate marjorie tell us stories about the residents who live inside the cemetery and it gives me as well a knowledge about poverty that few filipinos are facing nowadays.T


This whole experience are really awesome! it gives me more knowledge and i really enjoy the tour!! i would never forget thiss!




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