East of the Caribbean Windward Islands, out in the Atlantic Ocean, rises a unique island on coral foundations.
Barbados, named by the Spanish, probably for it’s impressive bearded fig trees Los Barbados, appeared on a Spanish map in 1511 for the first time in history. Prior to this it was inhabited by different Amerindian tribes. The land was claimed for the British crown in the early 17th century, marking the beginning of it’s history in sugar cane and slave trade.
Nowadays, Barbados is an independent nation, combining the typical Caribbean vibe with some of the finest surf spots and food. Of course Barbados is also known as the birthplace of world famous artist Rihanna.

From the Southwest to the South the white sandy beaches stretch out as far as you can see, inviting you to enjoy the coast as much as possible. Here you will find some of the most remarkable Barbadian spots, such as the Oistins Fish Market.
Beaches like Miami, Dover, and Maxwell –Beach are well known and easily accessible.
To the East the coral and rocks take a more savage form and the lush green forest also gets a bigger chance to flourish amongst the hillside suger cane plantations. In these counties you will discover why Barbados is also known as “Little England” or “Bimshire.” The people in the villages to the East are welcoming and kind in their own typical Bajan way. You will most definetly encounter the local language, also named Bajan. A unique interpretation of English, born in the colonial past. Here you can find the surfer’s paradise called Bathsheba, or The Soup Bowl by local daredevils. Only the most experienced adrenaline junkies are likely to safely get back on shore after conquering the savage Atlantic waves.
For adventurers that prefer to stay safe and sound, Barbados has beautiful botanical gardens to offer, such as Flower Forest. Harrison’s Cave is also worth a visit, and sports enthousiasts can enjoy themselves at much appreciated cricket games, or go to see the horse races at the Historic Garisson Savannah in the capital Bridgetown

 In front of Barry's Surf School, Dover


Famous for it’s delicious rums, with notable distilleries such as Mount Gay Rum, that dates back to 1703, Barbados is the place to be for the finest Caribbean product.
The Barbadian kitchen has influences from the British, Creole, Indian and Irish cuisine. A wide variety of seafood next to traditional meals such as cou-cou are to enjoy on the island. Don’t forget to try the flying fish.
The best way to enjoy seafood is at the Oistins fish fry, easily accesible and located in the Southwest. Here locals and tourists gather at Friday night, to eat excellent dishes in an informal setting, often with Bob Marley or the local calypso in the background.
You can have a good meal from 35 Barbadian Dollars, 15 US dollar.


How to get around

Although the big public busses connecting the whole island won’t always be on time, the smaller vans, operated by happy chauffeurs always trying to get you on board are plenty and can get you around for the cheapest amount possible. There is no better way than to hop on and off the minivans and explore the whole West- and South coast. Compared to other Caribbean nations, Barbados is a paradise for backpackers that need a ride from time to time. You can wait for hours on other islands, but on Barbados it even happened to me that a van driver tried to convince me to hop on his vehicle that was heading to where walked from!
Taxi prices are fair, but always try to negociate the price before departure and to check the rates.


How do I get here and what do I pay for it

Of course the cost of a plane ticket varies a lot, but in general it's cheaper to fly to Barbados from most of the Caribbean, that it's is also directly connected with. If you book on the right moment you could have a one way ticket to Barbados from 135 dollar, depending on the island you're flying from.
If you want to check out more about booking the cheapest flight tickets possible you can have a look on my Dutch blog here on Worldsupporter:
The connections with Europe mainly go through London and Manchester. All of these flights depart from Barbados' international airport Grantley Adams. Flying to Europe both ways should be possible at around 780 dollar.
Twice a week there's also a direct flight landing from Frankfurt.
the USA is well connected to Barbados with flights departing multiple times per week from New York, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas. Here medium long flight that is booked on the right moment should cost at around 600 dollar for both ways. American Airlines also makes a direct connection with Puerto Rico possible. Canada s also flying directly from Toronto.
COPA is operating direct flights between Barbados and Panama City. They charge you around 420 dollar. Panama is however your best connection to Latin America. Both Georgetown, Guyana and Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago are direct flights from Barbados, but are less well linked to South America, although Port of Spain does have some interesting options. You can reach Port-of-Spain with LIAT or Caribbean Airlines for around 150 dollar.

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