It’s that time again – Feria de Malaga!

When is the fair?

Friday 11th August – Sunday 20th August 2017

What is it all about?

If you are currently in Malaga studying for your Trinity CertTESOL course, then you need to be prepared for this 9-day Spanish street party! The magnificent festivities attracting millions of visitors begin on Friday the 11th August. The main attraction is at midnight with a concert at La Malagueta beach where there will also be a spectacular firework display. Thousands will gather for this Magical show! Hundreds of people take to the streets of the city’s historic centre to party into the early hours. During this traditional Andalusian festival the women will be dressed from head to toe in flamenco dresses with flowers in their hair and they will be dancing the traditional dance of Andalusia called Sevillanas.

Where can I see the fair? ... read more at!

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Ferias de Málaga TEFL