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 How can I share knowledge and experiences on World Supporter

How can I share something in my Personal Magazine?

You can compose your own magazine using the following tools:

  • Text & Content bundles: Blogs - Bundles & Magazines - Updates
  • Short tips & advice: Tickets (travel, study, jobs, events) - Statements
  • Media: Events - Movie - Photo - Documents
  • Summaries: Book summaries & Study Notes
  • Requests & Offers: Requests & Jobs
  • Topics: Recipes - Teaching Materials

Most World Supporters choose a mix of tools to create an attractive Personal magazine.

    Bundles or Magazines

    What are World Supporter Magazines?

    • In a Magazine you can bundle all your information or items connecting to one subject of your choice.
    • For instance, you can create a Magazine about your trip to Peru in which you bundle all your blogs, media, updates and recipes that relate to your trip.
    • A Magazine will make it easier for visitors to find all your contributions and easier for you to advertise your content

    How to use this tool?

    • Create your own information bundle and compile your own Magazines from share content of others or yourself.
    • This tool offers the most space for self-determination on what information you want to show in which place.
    • Step 1: Log in and Create a new Magazine
    • Step 2: Connect your previously added content to your Magazine by typing a key word in the 'resources' field => this content will be shown left, middle or right depending on your choice.
    • Alternative to Step 2: When you want to add content by other World Supporters to your Magazine you need to go to those specific pages and click on the 'add to my bundle' button at the bottom of each text of media file 



    • With Updates you can highlight your latest World Supporter activity
    • This activity can be either on the World Supporter platform or anywhere else.
    • Have you done something positive to your world? Let others know to inspire them to follow your example


    • World Supporter tickets are short tips on job opportunities, exams, packing lists or events.
    • This basic tools allows quick additions to your (Personal) Magazine.
    • When your message needs rich editing you can better choose the tools Requests, Blogs or Events
    • Share your tickets now


    • Share your views and opinions or respond to those of others
    • Only registered users can share their opinion
    • Create a new statement


    • Do you organize an Event? Or you want to promote an Event of an organization you like? Then you create an Event
    • Through the field 'resources' you can add a Media page that you created before (for instance with the banner or logo of the event).


    What are World Supporter Media?

    • With the Media tool you can share movies, photos, presentations or documents.
    • Uploaded Media can tell their own story or can be used to strengthen one of your other contributions (such as Blogs, Magazines or Summaries)

    How to use this tool?

    • For movies or presentations (or other media bigger than 4MB):
      • Upload your content to a specialized platform such as YouTube or Pinterest
      • Advertise your presentation or movie by placing a shortcut to your content or upload a picture that summarizes the content
    • For Pictures and documents (smaller than 4MB)
    • Always make sure that you do not violate copyright if you use material from others and make good use of source listings

    Requests & jobs

    What are World Supporter Requests?

    • The World Supporter request tool allows you to ask others for help.
    • Requests are divided into five groups: 'knowledge' 'manpower' 'buddy' 'products' and 'general'
    • Read more about Requests

    How to use this tool?

    • Log in and add your request
    • Create a title that contains the main message of your request
    • The more information you add to your request the more specific people can respond
    • Examples:
      • You can recruit new colleagues here for yourself or an organization that supports you (request 'manpower').
      • Ask fellow users to share specific study materials (request 'knowledge')
      • Make a call for travel companions or World Supporters with about the same plans as you (request buddy)
      • Call for used travel equipment or supplies for your project (request 'products')


    • This tool allows you to explain a certain subject. This can be based on your own texts or on summarized versions of study material
    • Many World Supporters use this tool for university course material, but feel free to use it as a broad tool for knowledge transfer
    • Always make sure that you do not violate copyright if you use material from others and make good use of source listings
    • Start sharing your summaries

    Teaching Materials


    • Share your world recipe or culinary experience
    • Add your Recipes here 
    • Does your recipe look yummy? Add a picture with the Media tool and connect with the 'resources' field within you recipe page


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