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Having been in a country like the Philippines, i have noticed a big contrast between rich and poor. You can spot buildings that appear to be as high as the empire state buildings, 5-star restaurants and two MacDonalds on one block..with just across the street a family of four sleeping on a doorstep and little children wandering around the market begging for money. So don't be suprised if you get pulled by your sleeve for money while you are having a descent meal. My advise is too give the the food you are eating instead of some money. I think that this will prevent you from contributing to some unhealthy purchases that the kids might make, like drugs or alcohol. One of my experiences with someone begging for money was when i was eating a falafel for 45 pesos (more or less 1 euro) and a little boy came up to me holding his hand up in front of my face. I decided to give him the falafel. The boy took the sandwich, sat down next to me and, obviously full of hunger, he started to eat the sandwich and then walked away. Another experience was when i was walking in a street and a little boy came up to me asking for money as well. In the meanwhile i noticed a little wagon selling food and drinks, so i took him with me and let him choose what he wanted. He thanked me with a big smile full of gratitude, so i asked him for a picture as a memory (see picture). So I would definitely advise to give the food, because you might not know who is sending some of these kids, as in some countries they have made a business out of sending children to beg.

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Eindelijk positief nieuws, er mag weer gereisd worden. Maak je droom waar en maak ‘impact abroad’ door het doen van vrijwilligerswerk. Juist in Europa zal het naar verwachting steeds meer mogelijk zijn om te reizen deze zomer.

Restauratiewerk, werken aan de natuur, schoonmaken van de omgeving, sociale ondersteuning bieden aan mensen in heel veel verschillende landen. Je verbetert direct je taalvaardigheid door de internationale samenstelling van de groepen.

Draag bij aan duurzaamheid, blijf dicht bij huis juist in deze tijd en trek erop uit. Zoek jouw vrijwiligerswerkproject via de website van SIW.