Go and Experience Leiden

Breakfast, Coffee and Lunch

  • Roos

This cute place richely decorated with flowers serves delicious breakfasts, cakes and coffee. Enjoy your view over the canals at the terace. Try the 'wentelteefjes'- a dutch way of french toast; 'Uitsmijter'- you don't need to eat for the rest of the day after this breakfast. *nothing more to be said* Lots of healthy options are also available!

  • Van der Leur

 Located in a beautiful mansion with comfy leather chairs. Good coffee, friendly staff and a nice sunday morning atmosphere. 

  • Chummy Coffee

Coffee to a next level. Personally I like to keep my coffee simple and traditional, but at Chummy I'm glad to make an exception! A party for both your eyes and your taste buds. If possible, go sit at the bar in the window and enjoy a little bit of 'mensen-kijken' (spotting people)  

  • Anne&Max

As we dutchies would say; 'Gezellig druk' -Busy but in a cozy way ;) Its a popular place for young families and a nice break from mainly students rulling the city.  A nice place to go for breakfast with good filter coffee and friendly staff. 

  • Chocolate Company Cafe

The coffee is served with a chocolate truffle that melts on your tongue..... For more advanced chocolate lovers; try the high tea, its a game changer, believe me. 

  • Coffee Company

A common coffee bar in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, Leiden is like a village and at its center one can find the CC (Coffee Company) Work, Study, Read or Chat while enjoying a good coffee. Tip: the Soy latte is hardly distinguishable from the real deal, so give it a try ;) 

  • Lot en de Walvis

Located at Leiden's harbor, this hipster and feel good restaurant is the best way to relax and enjoy Leiden from a different perspective. The menu is edgy, creative and has a lof of healthy dishes to offer. Also great for diner!

Drinks and Music

  • De Uyl van Hoogland

Around the Hooglandse Kerk (Church) one can find, what might be called, Leiden's most 'gezellige' (cozy) street; the Nieuwstraat. De Uyl van Hoogland is never a borring place, a good alternative when one gets tired of only seeing students, and open till 3-ish. 

  • Roebels

Try the famous 'Zwevertjes' a sweet cocktail drink made by goodlooking barrista's. Zwevertjes can make you feel 'zweverig' (fuzy/ woolly) Disguised by sweetness its easy to forget that they contain alcohol.

  • Odesa

Cocktails and a little dancing ;)

  • Bonte Koe

Very cozy, local and lots of beers to taste.

  • De Kroeg (The Pub) 

Start your evening with a beer and a talk or stop by later when they turn the music on.

Out of the ordinary!!

Do you fancy a cheap and non-touristy diner? Go visit one of the canteens of Leidens student associations. Get a peek in the lives of Dutch students living in Leiden. 
A.L.S.V Quintus  https://alsvquintus.nl/
L.V.V.S Augustinus https://www.lvvsaugustinus.nl/index.php?id=1



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