Nhoong, a special woman I met at the Nip Cau foundation. A beautiful, but shy person, grateful but with her own opinion, mostly ending with her special nervous laugh. 
Me: Hi Nhoong, how are you?
N: Teacher, I'm fine, and you? 
Me: I'm fine, like always;)
Nhoong: You look tired.
Me: That's because it is really early for me, but I will get used to it in the end I hope.
Nhoong: No you won't (hahaha)
Me: Normally I organinise and arrange everything, but today I want to do something else. Your having lessons for almost 8 years now, today I want you to teach me! 
Nhoong: I'm not a teacher. 
Me: Pretend like you are one! 
Nhoong: I'm bad in English. 
Me: That's no problem, you will learn from it!
Nhoong: I can not do that.
This is something I experienced a lot in Nip Cau. Not only Nhoong, but all my students were very insecure and scared to take initiatives. And that's not necessary, actually, the're great in English speakers!! I want them to be confident, and try some new things in their lives. I think they need a lot of attention and new volunteers who push them, and challenge them rather then spelling it out for them. But I also see the Vietnamese culture. A very collective and polite culture, were nobody is overconfident. Nhoong was one of my Vietnamese friends, and I learned that you don't always have to be the first in line for everything, sometimes listening is enough.. But on the other side, she can do so much more in Can Tho with her level of English. She can help in the shop, or teach others. I worked hard to realise this, but they need more stimulation. I hope in the future, volunteers keep on trying!
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