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The 'Write a Blog' button is looking at me, already for a couple of weeks or months even. Do you need to have done something WorldSupporter waardigs to write a blog? I think you should, why otherwise blog on WorldSupporter or become one? Only because you ARE a WorldSupporter, it is easy to pretend to be one. Or you are one, but why share it with others?

A couple of weeks ago, I have decided to do something small for christmas, not because it is christmas, more because it was something small (I always think big, think small and do small is good to go back to). I had some positive feedback on my request to make sandwiches and give away fruit and a drink, just around the corner where I work and live. Just to share food and to get to know the people in the area. My mother joined, and two volunteers.

I think it had impact, we gave sandwiches to garbage picking guys, bus crew, tricycle drivers, families, streetvendors, glue sniffing kids, people sleeping on a piece of carton, just because.... for me personally I feel closer towards the purpose why I am on earth and why I am in the Philippines. To share, to help, to bond, to connect, to be a vehicle. And it is really really hard work, not easy, keeping multiple balls in the air, keeping people satisfied, do the right things, teach values, stay kind (even though you would like to kill others) and to be flexible. Not everybody can be a real WorldSupporter, which I feel as a loss, sometimes as a personal loss. 

Why are we here? Perhaps a question more vivid during these times. Why are you here? Just a question, to answer, looking in the mirror to answer for yourself....

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