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Little Girl,


This is a girl from whom I do not know her name. It did not meet her personally, however I did make this picture myself. This little young girl from whom I only have this picture, got my full attention. As many people tell you throughout your life: ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’. In my opinion looking to this picture that’s completely true.

When looking at this picture what can I tell about this unknown girl, who I have seen outside on the street in Malawi at the project Chayof? I’m able to tell that she is a young girl who is living her life. She is beautiful and is able to look you straight into the eye. This little girl is wearing old clothes that may have been yours many years ago, but she still smiles no matter how old her cloths are. This girl has quite a big tommy but that’s not because she had such a lovely meal the other night. No, when looking at this picture I’m able to tell that this little young lady is malnourished. She has no idea because she’s used to it. But it’s not that strange, looking at this picture you can see she’s eating a plant. Something we in our nation would never think of, ever in our life! This little girl shines and is proud of her cap, which is maybe made by one of her siblings. She even may have made it herself. This little girl has got almost nothing. She even may be an orphan but I’m not able to tell that while looking at this picture. I do know that this little girl, this young is able to inspire me. Inspire me in many different ways. This precious little girl is able to change may view in life and I’m pretty sure she is able to do that for you too. Please take a moment to look at this precious, young, beautiful and strong little girl. Let your emotions go, look he straight in the eye and take a moment to realise what kind of life you have. This little girl is able to smile, simply because she’s alive and she has her own life. 

-Lara Guerrini

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