“Life is a journey, not a destination”

Only one day left and the great adventure starts. Tomorrow the five months backpacking journey begins and I am feeling very excited right now. Living in hostels, traveling by busses, cabs and trains and the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and explore extraordinary cultures. Within these five months I will visit eight countries, with all different cultures, habits and nature.  I am very grateful to my girlfriend Linda my family all my friends, thank you all for your support and goodbye drinks, dinners and parties!  “Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The journey begins in Bangkok, but only for a few days because the first destination is Myanmar in the city Yangon (located in the south). Since 2010 the border is open for tourists, so this country is still undiscovered for tourists. My expectations for Myanmar are very high, and the cities I want to visit are Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay in around two weeks. In the following blog I will share my experiences of Myanmar with you!

Laos is my next destination the two weeks after Myanmar, and I will travel with the slowboat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang and see the special landscapes on the river. The other six countries I want to visit during my journey are the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia. There will be a lot of variety in my journey, from riding on scooters through the chaotic traffic to chilling on the beautiful beaches, partying with other travelers and helping the people in the slums of the Philippines with a volunteer project. A journey which never becomes boring.

In the Philippines I will join the project Smokey Tours as a volunteer for one month in the city Manila. This project is organized by WorldActivity Philippines in association with JoHo and the supported by the MilleniumDoen! program. Smokey Tours was founded in 2011 by Juliette Kwee. The Smokey Tours provide tourists a new and unique experience to see the life of the people of the slums in Manila, which is very impressive. The organization gives the people in the slums an opportunity to work as a tour guide and provide them an income. On the other hand, the tours make the participating tourists aware of the global differences between people and their bad life circumstances.  During the volunteer work I will help to develop the different tours and be involved in activities such as fund raising and promotion of the tours.  For more information you can check the website http://www.smokeytours.com/.

Now the adventure can begin, first stop Bangkok and Myanmar! The next blog will be about my experiences in Myanmar. 

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Hayy Leon,Ik moet zeggen dat ik wel een beetje(heel erg) jaloers ben op wat je gaat doen. Acht landen in 5 maanden is echt te gek! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je volgende blog! Groetjes Mélanie  

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