Back to the Philippines!
Hi all,
Yes, I am back in the Philippines. My home-county in Asia. A beautiful group of island I have had the pleasure to explore for almost two years when I was 10-11 years old. 
Now, 11 years later, not together with my family, not to go to school (although I will be visiting my old school),but to start and be part of setting up a new project in one of the poorest parts of Manila (Tondo): the Smokey School Tour. Additionally I will be working with the staff of an orphanage with the goal to set up sports activities. 
So how did this all happen in such a short time? 
Back in August/September I was surfing the web looking for possibilities to set up long-term projects in developing countries. With long-term, I mean projects which locals would be able to continue with after I would leave. So my work there would definitely be beneficial to the people there, and not only aid my own personal development. 
I came across the Joho website and had a very clear feeling I had to go to the open day. Once I heard the world 'Philippines' and 'setting up a project with kids', that feeling made total sense. I immediately knew I had to do this, I had to go. This was just simply one of those opportunities in life you cannot say no to, and neither should you. 
After I got selected, I figured everything out with study and work, booked my flight 1,5 week in advance, finished off my course and did the exam, arranged everything I needed to arrange, and here I am!! Ready to start with the project coming Thursday!! But first enjoying a short week of holiday in Bohol. 
So, best from Bohol (island in the Philippines), it's the 2nd of November now, so Im enjoying my last week of being 22. Before starting my 24th year on this world with one heck of a project back in Manila!
This adventure and project simply had to happen. Everything seems to fall exactly in place after putting the energy into it. Its almost scary. 
Keep you all posted!
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