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Ok, my writing about the 4th day were kind of confusing.. First I was writing on day 4, about day 4, but then I continued on the 5th day, still writing about the 4th. Get it?

Day 4
Date: 5-7-2014
Time: 18:10

Day 4 and I still don’t have any mosquito bites! *please don’t jinx it* Today we wanted to go to Tanga City around 9 a.m., but of course it was already around half past 10 by the time we left. Luckily the bus drive was sooo much fun. The bus didn’t have any windows (just as the land rover or any other vehicle in this village) so everyone next to the imaginary windows constantly got smacked in the face by the branches of the trees next to the road. Hilarious! Oh and we played the music at maximum volume so all the locals we passed on our trip could hear it. Some of them even sang along!

Ah yes, funfact: I still feel like some kind of celebrity every time we drive or walk through a village: all those people running after us and screaming Mzungu!

Anyway, when we got at Tanga City, we immediately went to buy Tanzanian SIM cards for only 10 000 Shillings, this may sound way too fucking expensive but that’s like 5 euros. We also visited the market. Very beautiful! All those colours and so damn many people. Last but not least we went to the supermarket and yes, even that was fun (I wish I found visiting the supermarket fun back at home as well..). Together with Ewa and Ross, I spent over 80 000 Shillings on vodka, chocolate, cookies etc. According to…

Oh wow, to be continued I guess?

Day 5
Date: 6-7-2014
Time: 11:10

Ok.. Yesterday I had to stop writing because we had to eat dinner! Good excuse to give an update about that: the food. It’s still good, but the rice/vegetable/meat-ratio is making me a bit sad. At this point three-quarters (seriously, how do you say that in English? I mean like 75%..?) is rice and then loooaads of watery sauce, 2 bites (literally) of meat and 3 pieces of carrot and zucchini (Ha, I like that word). So it’s not very healthy, but we won’t get hungry so it’s fine! Anyway, back to my sotry! I have absolutely no clue what I wanted to write about yesterday. So I’ll just write about our next stop in Tanga City: the fruit market. I bought a coconut for about 1000 Shillings. Yes, apparently 1 SIM card is worth just as much as 10 coconuts. Seems legit. I also wanted to buy genie pants but we didn’t have enough time because we had to pick up our SIM cards (they had to activate/register them or something?). Too bad they once again reminded us of the fact that everything in Africa is slowly, slowly or pole pole, hakuna matata (YES, they say that!). Because it took another 1,5 hours until we headed back to our lovely safari bus.

When we finally got back at camp we could relax a bit, but later on we had to do a swim test. So we ended up crawling for about 50 meters through water that was way too shallow to even try to swim. In the end it turned out to be a joke of the people who had been at camp for one month already. I have to admit it was an epic joke, we all believed them fuckerss.

Jesus ok, I finally arrived at the last part of this day. Writing is not my cup of tea. Soooo, last part: the night. Today it was one of the girls’ birthday so the staff members did some kind of weird dance, very cool haha! After that we had a party with everybody getting ‘absolutely hammered’ and Duma trying to teach me a few more words in Swahili. I now know that gigi-gigi means sex and that the words for penis (Mzunga) and white person (Mzungu) are way too similar (this cannot be coincidence if you ask me).

At the end of the night, around eleven o’clock, Eva, Ross, Briony, Miles, Emily, Craig and I went to the village to watch the football: The Netherlands – Costa Rica. This was awesome! Seriously. All the people of the village came together underneath the stars in front of the only tv they owned. Everyone sat on the ground, on buckets and bikes and stared at the screen. Meanwhile I saw a few gecko’s on the wall and everyone (except me, NICE!!) got bitten by musquito’s. Very idyllic. Damn, I don’t know how to spell all these words. I obviously miss my autocorrect. Anyway, the entire village seemed to tease us by cheering for Costa Rica, but when we finally won with after the penalties, they started cheering and dancing along.

Parties, deadlines and deadline parties
Time: 15:04
Date: 20-10-2014

I just called WorldSupporter and they told me I will receive the first bit of my scholarship!! So that means they liked this blog and my pictures! VERY NICE.
Well then, back to business. What did I do this week? A LOT. Seriously, all my teachers decided they would love me to write an essay or paper about well.. anything that has something to do with intermediality or television genres. Yes, a very clear assignment indeed. So in Tanzania I learned words as gigi gigi and mzunga, now I have to define and read theories about words as transmediality, liveness and whatsoever. Hmm.. I think I prefer the Tanzanian words. Actually I prefer Tanzania compared to this day in Holland, of course. I even love the part I wrote about the food, though it made me really hungry. It also made me realize it wasn’t that bad after all because we had people who made our lunch and dinner, we didn’t have to cook, we didn’t have to major piles of dishes: nothing! And now, back home, I’m at the office craaaaving for some food. But I don’t feel like cycling home (It’s raining rain hallelujah it’s raining raaaaain), going to the supermarket, search for food, buy the food and then prepare dinner.. Way to much effort, right? So now I’m starving behind my desk, and the only eatable things here are toothpaste and peanuts.. Hmm, I think I might get some Subway, because I can! That’s one point to the Netherlands! Oh and, another thing we didn’t have in Tanzania (although the birthday parties were great as well!) was the Amsterdam Dance Event! I went to Pleinvrees/STRAF_WERK (one of the parties at ADE) with two of my friend this past Thursday and it was amazing!! We danced all night long and went home by 8 am haha! Now my biological rhythm is gone but I don’t care, it was worth it J.

Anyway, I think I should stop typing now because I’m kind of using his blog just so I don’t have to start studying and writing essays. And I’m seriously very hungry now so I should go and find some food. Thanks for reading, nakupenda (love you)! 

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