Volunteer forever!

In july I wrote I wanted to keep on volunteering… well I do! I’m volunteering for 5 days a week now. Of course I also hope to find an paying job, but for now it’s no problem! I still have some savings, and the things I do as a volunteer are so nice!

I help Edukans with a research about fundraising, very useful, and I learn a lot!

Next to this I volunteer for the  theme channel Toekomstdenkers of OneWorld. Check this out! More people who like to change the world! http://www.oneworld.nl/toekomstdenkers

And to complete my volunteering I assist on a farm in the weekends. Children with disabilities come here to learn and play, very nice!


I’m Enjoying volunteering :)

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Wow, jij bent lekker bezig

Wow, jij bent lekker bezig Maaike! Succes met al deze leuke vrijwillige 'baantjes'! 

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