Teaching folding

We, Lena and I, saw that some of the kids where having trouble with giving there tetion to Math, so we had made a game for them.

We had a foldingpaper for every kid. And we where going to teach them how to fold a ‘Happertje’.

When we finished this Lena and I where going to write in everyone’s  ‘happertje’ some math questions.  Then we asked to kids to the front of the class and we asked one kid to say a number and the other had to open the ‘Hapertje’ that many time.


1, to the right

2, to the left



Then he has to show on what side the ‘Hapertje’ was open. The other kid has to choose one of the sides. Then the other one has to open in it and ask the question that is standing inside to the other kid.

After we had explained this we said that the children should do this with each other. When they needed help we helped.

We learned that the children like a playfull way of learning.

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