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One-touch score (football)


Job Dirkmaat

It’s quite an easy variation of the ordinary football but this version makes teams come up with a tactic and play together as a team. And all that whilst not having to say that they have to do it at all.


What does one need?

A football, two goals and preferably people to make teams (the maximum depend on the size of football field you have but most of the times 20 participants is the absolute maximum).


How does it work?

It works quite easy actually. But before I start explaining, to avoid confusion, I’m talking about the English football (called soccer in American).

To start a game of ‘one-touch goal’ football (I came up with the name so it’s not that good) one needs two teams with each their one goal.

In normal football you can make a goal any way you want (unless you throw it of course), here that is not possible. To make a goal you can only touch the ball once. Which makes that you need to work together. One shoots the ball to you, you shoot the ball (in one motion or touch) in the goal.

Furthermore the normal football rules apply (or not, depends on on which level you want to play the game of football).


What else do I need to know?

Not much really, just have fun.

The game works best with children of a later age (say about 10 or above) because they have more technique but it suitable for every age (and if it doesn't work you can still just continue with normal football).


What is the point of this activity?

The point is to make children play together. To make a goal you need to have at least 2 children attack the goal and this takes strategy. Also the children will make it as complicated as they can/want.

Also this rule makes it impossible to simple 'walk into the other goal' with the ball. You need to shoot the ball in order to score. This way children will learn to shoot.

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