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Assignment at MJC – memory game (instruction booklet)


Goal: The goal of this game is remember as many cards as possible in the right order.

Participants: Everybody has to participate.

Time: The group has 3 minutes to think about a strategy, how to remember the cards.

The group has 1 minute to look at the cards and try to remember them all in the right order.

Explanation: When the group enters the room, the memory cards are lying upside down on the floor. First the group has 3 minutes to think about a strategy to remember all memory cards in order. Then the group leader turns the cards and everyone can look at the row of cards for 1 minute. After this, the group leader turns them back and the group immediately has to say out loud the correct order of the memory cards. The group leader writes down the amount of the cards remembered in the right order.





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