As the world supporters you all are, I do not have to tell you that there are huge differences in the world if it comes to wealth. I've experienced it myself when worked in India, Delhi to be specific, where you can go from the slums to the extra ordinary residential neighbourhoods in less then five minutes.

The talented mexican photographer Oscar Ruiz caputered these unequalities in Mexico, where he shows the viewer the difference between the richness of the city and the extereme poverty to create awareness about the current situation of many people.

Just under 50% off all the inhabitants of Mexico, lives in extreme poverty, the income inequality rates are amongst the highest in the world. This image is yet not well known by most of the world population since they only see the residential areas, the holiday resorts and the luxury condos. But for example in Mexico City the poorest do not even have plumbing and their houses are not more then a pile of trash stuck together. 

The pictures, by Oscar Ruiz, were made in commission of Publicis, for Banamex. Banamex is an Mexican Bank which wanted to raise awareness for its community development program, which should decrease the inequalities in Mexico. Their message is quite clear; "ERASE THE DIFFERENCE"

I found this campaign quite shocking as I could not really believe these pictures are real. They look like they are put together, but unfortunately this is reality. Now lets hope this campaign can really change something for the people over there.

Cheers Cecile
Source; FastCoExist

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