WHat? 2 more days!

I thought lets start with a blog right before I leave first. Im not a big fan of writing long blogs (i say now maybe ill have plenty to share when Im there so don't hold it against me if I dont ;) ). 
Anyways Im leaving in 2 days and even though i have prepared, in my eyes, thouroughly one just cant get rid of the feeling that you ar the most unprepared person in the world. 
And at the moment after saying goodbye plenty of times (which never gets easier btw) I am excited to leave and completely soak up this experience. Scared? maybe a bit but more excited and ready.
Obvs most afraid about the language, learning something here in holland is not the same as applying it on the other side of the world :S Butt Im prepared to go the distance. 
So for now adiós!! 
And Ill see you on the other side :D!

ps. Ill do my best to write something once in a while but the internet connection will be a depending factor..

Lots of love,

pps (yes Im sorry, seeming not to be so good at the keeping at short) but if you have the urge to react or share or disagree or anything just write smtng below, always appreciated. English, Nederlands, spanish whateverrr u like :)

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Just saw u have to register

Just saw u have to register to write a comment soo fb is always possible if u dont want to!

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