Football tournament

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On the eleventh day of our Malawi trip we had a football tournament. When we arrived we saw an empty space with holes in the ground and stones on the ground, so we weren't so sure if we could call that a footballplace.

We had to be there on time, but when we arrived, there was nobody else. Fortyfive minutes later the other people arrived. It appears it's pretty normal to arrive late in Malawi. There were tree other teams, who all played very well.

First two other teams played with each other and after that game we played against the third team. We had a lot of fun, but we really couldn't play football well, so the other team won. After that the two teams who won the last round, played to each other and the winning team won some money which is called "kwacha" in Malawi.


The game:

You need some kinds/ people for the teams, a ball and a footballplace. You make the teams and make a simple schedule. Then the tournament can begin. Children learn by playing football together, how to deal with each other. And forget their worries

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